Thursday, July 28, 2016

Updated Tortoise Enclosure Tweeks

I thought I would update the Tortoise Enclosure (you can see the original post here) so you could see the great details that my husband has been adding.
It REALLY looks great in our living room, especially since he added the same color paint as the room!!
If you look close to the top picture you can see that the wood has a pattern on it. I LOVE that it almost looks like giraffe print!

We will be adding plants at some point, hopefully soon, so I will post that when we do!

Have a GREAT week and God Bless!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Indoor Tortoise Garden

Hello all!

If you follow along with me you know that I have been really testing my "green thumb"... I wondered if it was going brown on me.. I bought tons of organic seeds for our tortoises to munch on; grocery store greens just are not what they should be for our little guys to get the nutrition that they need so badly to be healthy, and almost all of my seeds have failed :(

I belong to a site called and the people there really are awesome!

Anyway, someone let me know of a couple of different "seed mixes" that I could purchase that grow quickly, especially for our tortoises. Yay!

I planted these bad little guys on Friday evening and within about 12 hours there were roots growing already! Talk about instant gratification! They are under a grow light that is on for 18 hours. That's what I was advised.. I guess I need to figure out the light stuff.. but for now, this is working!!

These pictures were taken after almost 5 days and just look at how big they are!!

I am shocked and also so excited to be able to grow stuff (finally) that they can eat!

They will be in heaven when they see their surprise!! 

I have NOT forgotten about my current tote bag project.. I've just been a little busy with the tortoises to work on it too much lately. They are lucky I love them! haha!
I have added about 10 things to my HAVE TO MAKE THIS list.. so I really need to get moving!
I have a Remote Caddy, Triangle quilt and Tuffet that are among others on the top of that list.. There just is not enough time in the day!!!  ....I wish I didn't like sleep so much! oh heck, I'll sleep when I'm dead! Maybe I'll stay up late tonight and TRY to finish the front and back, at least!

Thanks for checking me out! Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear from you!

Have a wonderful week and God Bless!

Monday, July 18, 2016

New Tortoise Enclosure

Hello all!

My hubby finished the tortoise enclosure that he has been working on for a couple of weeks!

He did a fantastic job on it, too!

He made it from a small bookshelf. Removed all the shelves and used them to create the legs for the table. He made a lift drawer on the bottom that closes softly, so our tortoises wont get startled by it slamming on accident.

He stained everything a pretty close match, not exact but it doesn't stand out as being different.

AND.. he painted trim the color of our living room and added that. It pulls in our wood floor and our paint so nicely!

NOW our tortoises have a small room where it is always dark and they will love to burrow in there for the night! (They all actually spent the night in there last night, without our help, haha)
They also now have room to add the plants that I have been dying to add! We are searching for a lot of plants still but so far we have a couple in there!
(The green leafy one is Basil, they can only have a little of that but all 3 of them sniffed it and walked away-whew- ;) we also added a Succulent Tree(?) I have never seen one before but just LOVE Succulents! This sits up high so it is just a pretty piece of furniture, haha.

We were worried that they would be unsure at first and not move about much but I will tell you what.. These little guys surprise us yet again.. They were all checking it out without a single worry and seemed to love the extra space!

On a side note- we found an awesome Farmers Market in Royal Oak, MI. One booth in particular was fantastic (we found those trees, Oregano and Hibiscus, all organic!!!) The owner of the booth was super helpful and we will be going back to him often!
Anyways! On to the Pictures!!

Do you have any neat projects that your working on (or your husband or wife, hahaha)?!
Please share, I'd love to see it!

Who doesn't LOVE comments and/or questions?!
I know I do! If you can take the time to look and comment, you bet I can take the time to enjoy it and respond!

Have a Wonderfully Blessed week!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

In Search of Organic Plants- Help!!

I have been working hard in my greenhouse but as you can assume, growing anything from seeds takes a LONG time!!

Our poor tortoises want some organic plants in their enclsure with them but I can't find ANY for sale!! ..Well I found several, and was Totally Thrilled!!! UNTIL after all my research and choosing I find- at check out- that they do not ship to the USA.. Oh, SOOOO Frustrating!!!

So I am back to square one...again...

They are pretty picky.. There's a LONG list of things they can and can't have..

Can ANYONE give me suggestions on where I might find some??

Monday, July 11, 2016

New Sewing Project - Tote Bag!

Hello Hello!
I hope everyone had a wonderfully rejuvenating weekend!
- always too short...sigh..

I was able to steal several hours on Saturday to really dive into my Current Project! Purse turned Tote bag! haha

So Before I continue- I have NEVER made a bag or a purse or anything even remotely like this before! But I really wanted to design my own.. It Definitely makes things interesting! For this reason alone, I am WAYY too excited to see the finished product!! (I just HOPE it can hold Something!! Ha Ha) 

I decided that I wanted to be able to use it a LOT. I think I would be more likely to use a tote bag for long periods than a purse.. But I HAVE been using my current purse for a couple of years and it still looks brand new, so who knows!

Above are a few of the strips that I put together.
Scrappy projects always make me go Hmmm.... I just DON'T know yet about all of the mismatchy placements.. But I love bright colors, so even if it "isn't my cup of tea" I will love it! (esp with the turtles on it!! haha)

I found this Pink Turtle fabric at my local quilt shop, and fell in love!!
We have New Tortoises so I am all about turtles right now! haha
Granted, OUR turtles are NOT Sea Turtles.. but sometimes you have to compromise! ;) 
I carefully cut the main block, I wanted more than just 1 turtle, so I cut those at about 6" (to include 1/4" seam allowance) so the turtles could really "shine".

Above are the 2 blocks that I have been working on, the front and back of the tote. (Even if they are sideways.. So the right side is actually the top;)
You can (unfortunately) see that they are not all lined up perfectly.. This is one thing about quilting.. whether it's a bag or a blanket, if it doesn't line up you can TELL!! urgh!!!! I DiD intend for it to be a little off, but it is more so in a couple of places.. :( Once it's altogether, I BET it's not nearly as noticable... I HOPE..
So.. A lil fact about me.. I can neither See, nor Draw or (APParently) QUILT straight... THAT is something I have to work hard to perfect.. IF I want to keep this up.. and I do! I love creating things!

So as I was making this I decided that I would roll with it and see how it turns out! One way or another it WILL be a tote bag.. lol
Seriously though.. My corner blocks will be a bit smaller than intended but when I add the next boarder I really think it will ALMOST make it look like it is supposed to be that way! hehe

I hope to keep on top of this thing so be sure to Follow me so you can get the Updates right to your inbox! =)

My hubby is ALmost done with our new Tortoise enclosure.. I hope to be posting that within the week!

Have a Fantastically Blessed Day!!

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Thursday, July 7, 2016

A New Sewing Project!

Hello all!
I was away on vacation for almost a week, boy, was that great!
Nothing like camping for an extra long weekend to reboot and recharge!
But honestly.. I need a vacation from my vacation.. it IS a lot of work to have all of that fun!

Anywho.. I so enjoyed making This Apron, Sooo much that I wanted to dive right into another project!

            I found this fabric the last time I went to the quilt store and have been thinking it over since.. 
                               I have a BIG thing for bright colors and bold patterns!

I am the kind of person that can look at something for weeks and still not "see" anything.. I have to just COMMIT and get to it or I'll never do anything with it...

SO! I decided that I was going to make a quilted purse with 2.5" squares!
Above you can see my 3" strips that I'll be cutting into squares, tonight this weekend, yay!! ;)
(On a side note... I had a heck of a time getting the "set" wrinkles out of my fabric..ugh! Those cute little rectangles in the first picture really wrinkle them up.. BUT.. after ironing and then ironing again..sigh.. I found out that I could use a spray bottle with water and dampen the wrinkles and POOF! NO more wrinkles! Thank GOD, because I really wanted to start cutting!)
OH! I forgot to get a picture of the cutest fabric that I found.. (If you have been keeping up with me, I am totally obsessed over our new Hermann's Tortoises, and couldn't resist the cute turtle fabric!) After much thinking on how to put this together, I decided to use the turtle fabric as my center square, yeah, I'm different like that! haha
This purse will take longer than the (3 Day) apron that I linked in above but I am really excited to see how it turns out! I am not using a pattern either, I am going to make it as I go.
Patterns are okay.. but much like crochet, I prefer to kind of figure it out and see what I can do without. ;)
AND I am going to try my hand for the first time at quilting each side (separately, so it'll be easier..I hope.. haha)
This is the first time I have ever made a purse and I am already heading back to the fabric store to create another that I have in my head..
I will keep your posted! =)
I just love to hear from my readers, few though there are, you could REALLY make my day by following me, I have all sorts of projects in the works!
...including the new Tortoise tank my hubby is working on... out of a bookshelf!
....yea, I guess I can give him honorable posts, Once in awhile.. haha
Have a Wonderful Day and God Bless!!