Friday, June 10, 2016

Organic "Starter Garden" for Tortoises

Hello and Happy Friday!!!!

Now that we have these beautiful little tortoises

to take care of I am on a gardening rampage!

I know I mentioned that my new greenhouse will be here next week but who has that kind of time to sit around!?

I went right out to the store seeking Organic soil and plant seeds suitable for our little guys.
They are Very picky eaters..
But what is funny is that they LOVE certain weeds! Dandilions are one of their Favorite meals.. Guess what kind of seeds I bought!?....yup....Weed seeds!! haha
Though of course, like us, a lot of what they WANT to eat, isn't good for them (fruits have too much sugar, veggies have lots of stuff that they can't have in abundance.. but they love leaves and flowers and yes, Weeds)! DOH!

My son and I took a look last night to see if any sprouts were visible with the new light that they have.. We were Very Happy to see a few, very small ones JUST bursting through the surface.. YAY!!
THEN, this morning I thought to check again really fast before work and the WHOLE entire ROW has popped through over night! They are almost little bushes now!!
I love watching things grow.. Especially when I am the one planting them!

These seeds have been in dirt for less than a week, I am hoping they all go so easily!

Just planted seeds, with fork row markers and the top 1/2 of the seed package taped to it for ID purposes ;)

If you look Very closely (esp at the top of the pic) you can see a couple a small specks, the green ones are sprouts!

                     By the next morning the whole row had sprouted!!

Now I have about 50 more packs of seeds coming and I can't WAIT to get them started.. A bit late :( but with the help of my new Greenhouse it should be a breeze!

Check back soon, we will be Very busy setting things up for our beauties! =)

                              Thanks for sharing your day with me!
                                   Have a Wonderful Weekend!!

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