Thursday, June 9, 2016

Hermann's Tortoises!!

So I have been slacking on my rug some what..or a LOT.. haha
I ran into a "snag" and am having a little trouble fixing it.. Then enter These little guys and I am having a hard time pulling myself away from them to crochet! haha

We are so excited to add 3 baby Hermann's Tortoises to our family!!

We have had them 2 days and they are the cutest things you have ever seen!!!
I have always thought tortoises were adorable but up close and eating out of your hand is way beyond adorable!!
They are a LOT of work, since they need a special diet and you can't just feed them lettuce..
 In the wild they can eat up to 200 different varieties of weeds, plants and flowers, WOW!! They eat almost NO veggies or fruits, either..

(Ours are captive breed, we would never condone catching wild, ANYthing!! but they still like all that fun stuff their relatives can get their mouths on!)

I don't have NEARLY that in my yard...haha.. and NONE in my yard is safe for our little guys!
Everything they get needs to be pesticide free & organic..
SOOO I have ALWAYS wanted a greenhouse!
and now.... it is on it's way!! I just hope that I can get some good plantings ready for these guys ASAP!!

Check them out!

That's all for now.. Check back soon, I'll be anxious to get that greenhouse up and running and I will have pictures to share!

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  1. What an incredible picture! This is my favorite one (close up). They are pretty cute for being a Hermann. ;-)


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