Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Poisenous Dart Frog Vivarium

When I first started my blog I was all about Scrapbooking and crafting..

Then I decided to change it up a bit and add to it all the things that I enjoy..
Which adds quite a big selection of things that I can blog about :D

I've already introduced you all to our new Hermann's Tortoises.


Today, you'll meet our Poisenous Dart Frogs! We got them 9/4/15..
(before I go further I'll say that Dart Frogs are only poisenous in the wild because of the bugs they eat, in captivity they are not poisenous. However, their skin is so fragile that we can't handle them at all. We can only watch in amazement through the glass of their vivarium. Which is still pretty awesome!)

We have 4 people in our family so we decided to get 4 Dart Frogs :)
They are Fergus, Fonzi, Bart and Yogi.
I'm attaching some pictures but it's hard to make sure I have a pic of each one- so I just went for some of my favorite pics. :)

        Our froggies love to hang out by the water (This is kind of an old pic, the  tank has grown a LOT since.. The pic below is newer..)

If you look close, you can see^ 3 frogs in^ the above ^pic. I just notice they are in an almost triangle pattern. lol.. If you look above the ^'s you should be able to make them out. The middle ^ is way in the back and the 3rd ^ you can only see his nose peeking out of the little home. ;)
It is amazing how much our tank has grown, & in 6 months!! If you notice the thick green "stalk" on the right side? - That started out as a 2" plant and it has been spirling around and around our tank! I was sure it would stop at the top but it just does a turn and keeps going! We may have to cut it at some point so it doesn't use up all the room!
 I just love his pic. It looks like Bart is walking a tight rope! haha.. Really he is hanging out there looking for a place a chill. I caught this picture JUST in the nick of time! Whew!
 If you look closely at the top front of our "dragon" waterfall you can see Yogi. He doesn't get in that spot often (I haven't seen him there since), I was shocked and ran for my camera when I seen him! haha 
 You have to have plenty of different hiding spots for them. Above is one of their favorite spots in our tank! We will find 2 or 3 of them in there together, all piled on top of the poor guy in the back. lol

 This pic is one from the very first day, he was just sitting so pretty.. He looks kind of big, I think, but he was so little! He looks REALLY skinny here and I'm telling you, they all have fat bellies these days! haha

I felt terrible when I realized that I added the Tortoises before the Dart Frogs.. O boy, they would be mad, don't tell them ;)

I love these guys too, they are awesome!
It's just tricky because the Tortoises are actually pet-able pets ;) and also, the frogs love to hide and the tortoises mosey around a lot. It's like they Want us to play with them! ;)

So next, maybe you will meet our 3 Uromastyx lizards!

I adopted them when I married my Hubby, he's had them almost 7 years, I think. :)

Check back soon, who knows what my next post will be about! haha
Have a Froggy day!!

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