Monday, June 13, 2016

About to get my GreenHouse on!

Hello again!
I just HAD to share!
I ordered my greenhouse last week and it got here a week early!
I am in shock!
Thankfully my hubby understood my urgency and was able to put it together for me yesterday.. Basically our Tortoises LOVE greens and can't have ANY fruits or veggies, wow.. So I have decided that it would be BEST for our babies to grow our own, as much of it as I can
Below is the "stock" pic of it.. I don't have anything on my shelves yet, but I will within a day or 2. WooHoo!
I also decided that you might want another peek at the cutest little tortoises you have ever seen! ;)

Please check back soon, I will be updating on this post often!
....and on a side note, I've started correcting the Crochet Honeycomb Area Rug as well, so I will be posting that soon, I HOPE!!

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