Monday, June 20, 2016

A Sewing Project ~ Finished!

Hello once again!

I was busy busy over the weekend!

I was able to take a few hours on Saturday to sew on the Apron that I started last week, in between working outside and various other things..

I was amazed that I actually finished it!

I was even MORE amazed that when it was done, it looked pretty darn good!

It isn't perfect, but I really think I am the only one that would see the small mistakes, so that makes it a total success, in my eyes! lol

It blew my mind that it went so quickly!
It's been a few years since I even touched my sewing machine so I expected to have a lot of stops and starts. I do have a tension problem on my machine but after my thread snapped 3 times I realized that I could give the spool extra slack to avoid that happening - and didn't have any more issues!
So I was able to rethread my needle and the bobbin (because of course that ran out mid-way through..haha) without much difficulty! Whew!

Check out the pictures!
     This is, obviously, the front. I just love the little pocket! I decided to let the top of it crinkle a bit, so it didn't look so flat.
 Here is the back. Since it isn't reversible I decided not to worry about the waist seem. I decided to do the diagonal stripes for the back of the waist band.

I'm so happy with how this turned out!
Now that I've made one I feel like an old pro and I plan to make a "greenhouse apron" next, changing the pattern to accomodate my use a little better. ;D

I hope you like my apron! It's a bit bright, but I love that about it, so cheery!

Have YOU made anything lately!?
Or maybe you have a project that you've been dying to start but feel intimidated..
Please share! I would love to see it and maybe help!

I am linking up with Crafty Staci.

Who doesn't LOVE questions and comments!?

Have a Very Blessed Day!


  1. What a Great first sewing project. Awesome job! Love the fabric!

    1. Thanks for looking! Are YOU working on any projects!? I'd love to see!

  2. You did a great job! Now you have such a fun apron!

    1. Sorry, I missed this! Thanks a lot for looking!! I've seen how busy you are on your blog and really appreciate you taking the time! It would be great if you could follow me, your opinion on my posts would be awesome! =D

  3. Super cute apron! :) Just saw your comments on my blog ... sorry! My spam filter's been over-filtering lately. I don't do blog-lovin' (I kind of quit hanging out in the blogging community — no time), but I'd follow you there if I did. :)

    1. Thanks a lot for looking! It hasn't been too long at all. I think I commented just a few days ago. :D
      Of course, time is something none of us have enough of! haha.


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