Friday, June 24, 2016

BlogLovin' Feed..and What IS it!?

Now you can follow me on Bloglovin'!

If your not already aware of what exactly Bloglovin is.. Let's see if I can give you a real quick run down!
If your anything like me, you have all sorts of blogs that you LOVE to check out..
But going into each blog is time consuming and difficult. :(

BlogLovin saves you the BEST thing of all...TIME!!

With Bloglovin you can watch ALL the blogs that you love and get a list of their new posts, RIGHT in your email! ..and you can easily add more and more and more blogs!
Talk about using time wisely!

 I feel Big Time, now! lol

So...WHAT are you waiting for!?
Give it a try by following the link below! 

Have a Fantastically Blessed Day!

Monday, June 20, 2016

A Sewing Project ~ Finished!

Hello once again!

I was busy busy over the weekend!

I was able to take a few hours on Saturday to sew on the Apron that I started last week, in between working outside and various other things..

I was amazed that I actually finished it!

I was even MORE amazed that when it was done, it looked pretty darn good!

It isn't perfect, but I really think I am the only one that would see the small mistakes, so that makes it a total success, in my eyes! lol

It blew my mind that it went so quickly!
It's been a few years since I even touched my sewing machine so I expected to have a lot of stops and starts. I do have a tension problem on my machine but after my thread snapped 3 times I realized that I could give the spool extra slack to avoid that happening - and didn't have any more issues!
So I was able to rethread my needle and the bobbin (because of course that ran out mid-way through..haha) without much difficulty! Whew!

Check out the pictures!
     This is, obviously, the front. I just love the little pocket! I decided to let the top of it crinkle a bit, so it didn't look so flat.
 Here is the back. Since it isn't reversible I decided not to worry about the waist seem. I decided to do the diagonal stripes for the back of the waist band.

I'm so happy with how this turned out!
Now that I've made one I feel like an old pro and I plan to make a "greenhouse apron" next, changing the pattern to accomodate my use a little better. ;D

I hope you like my apron! It's a bit bright, but I love that about it, so cheery!

Have YOU made anything lately!?
Or maybe you have a project that you've been dying to start but feel intimidated..
Please share! I would love to see it and maybe help!

I am linking up with Crafty Staci.

Who doesn't LOVE questions and comments!?

Have a Very Blessed Day!

Friday, June 17, 2016

Huge Crochet HoneyComb Area Rug is Finished!!

Hello again!

It took me WAY longer than I wanted it to, since I hit a "snag" in the last panel, but the Area rug is Finally done!

After many attempts to fix it, I decided not to add that last one.
Even without that extra "panel" its still a HUGE area rug! Its 59" wide by 92" long.
Which is exactly what I was after!...and I LOVE how it turned out!

My feet love me for it already!

After a little while I will test Frank (our Robo Vaccum) out on it and see if he is able to move across it or not. Fingers crossed. I'll let you know. ;)

I am considering selling these rugs! They are so perfect for those hard floors in your kitchen and bathroom! Your feet will be so happy that you will WANT to be in the kitchen!
Contact me for more info and let's get started!

Who doesn't love comments and questions!?
I work hard on my little blog and knowing that people enjoy what I post is what it is all about!
Feel free, please!

Have a Fantastic day & God Bless!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

A Sewing Project


I have been super interested in sewing lately.
I was rushing to finish a couple other things so I could tackle something totally new for me!
This isn't my first sewing project, that was a lap quilt topper, it's very cute but I haven't finished it..yet.. haha

I have been looking at all sorts of different projects and decided an apron would be really cool to try out.. Seems like it would be pretty straight forward, at least..

I ended up buying a pattern because it looked really cute, but now I can't really share the major details of it without violating the Copyright. :(

I can at least tell you about it and show you the pics I take along the way!

I used "Friday Night Apron" by Vanilla House Designs

I went to my local fabric store yesterday and found these great colors!
You will probably notice that I love pink and big bold prints.. But having boys I'll have to let my love for pink take a backseat sometimes and make things for my kids too,

Here are some of my cut pieces, the top, straps and waistband.
I was really pleased with how I lined up the striped print- so both sides of front will match and not be "off kilter" :D

 Here (aside form my messy table) you see all of my cut pieces.
I am so proud of myself! I only cut 1 piece wrong- I expected to really struggle with the cutting (measurements).. It turns out that it's not so much THAT as it is making sure your rotary cutter is going straight.. I always veer one way or another! URGH!!

The bold flowers will be the bottom portion and of course the striped is the top portion. You can Almost see the little U shaped pocket that I have pinned right in the middle of the picture.

I'm really excited to make progress on this. I don't know if I can get to it tonight but I will be working on it as much as possible to get it done quickly!
I like instant gratification.. when projects take weeks it drives me
Like this darn rug.....

I can't wait to share my progress on this!
Check back soon!

Oh! If anyone has any tips or tricks or ANYTHING that could help a new-be  I would greatly appreciate it!!

God Bless!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Poisenous Dart Frog Vivarium

When I first started my blog I was all about Scrapbooking and crafting..

Then I decided to change it up a bit and add to it all the things that I enjoy..
Which adds quite a big selection of things that I can blog about :D

I've already introduced you all to our new Hermann's Tortoises.


Today, you'll meet our Poisenous Dart Frogs! We got them 9/4/15..
(before I go further I'll say that Dart Frogs are only poisenous in the wild because of the bugs they eat, in captivity they are not poisenous. However, their skin is so fragile that we can't handle them at all. We can only watch in amazement through the glass of their vivarium. Which is still pretty awesome!)

We have 4 people in our family so we decided to get 4 Dart Frogs :)
They are Fergus, Fonzi, Bart and Yogi.
I'm attaching some pictures but it's hard to make sure I have a pic of each one- so I just went for some of my favorite pics. :)

        Our froggies love to hang out by the water (This is kind of an old pic, the  tank has grown a LOT since.. The pic below is newer..)

If you look close, you can see^ 3 frogs in^ the above ^pic. I just notice they are in an almost triangle pattern. lol.. If you look above the ^'s you should be able to make them out. The middle ^ is way in the back and the 3rd ^ you can only see his nose peeking out of the little home. ;)
It is amazing how much our tank has grown, & in 6 months!! If you notice the thick green "stalk" on the right side? - That started out as a 2" plant and it has been spirling around and around our tank! I was sure it would stop at the top but it just does a turn and keeps going! We may have to cut it at some point so it doesn't use up all the room!
 I just love his pic. It looks like Bart is walking a tight rope! haha.. Really he is hanging out there looking for a place a chill. I caught this picture JUST in the nick of time! Whew!
 If you look closely at the top front of our "dragon" waterfall you can see Yogi. He doesn't get in that spot often (I haven't seen him there since), I was shocked and ran for my camera when I seen him! haha 
 You have to have plenty of different hiding spots for them. Above is one of their favorite spots in our tank! We will find 2 or 3 of them in there together, all piled on top of the poor guy in the back. lol

 This pic is one from the very first day, he was just sitting so pretty.. He looks kind of big, I think, but he was so little! He looks REALLY skinny here and I'm telling you, they all have fat bellies these days! haha

I felt terrible when I realized that I added the Tortoises before the Dart Frogs.. O boy, they would be mad, don't tell them ;)

I love these guys too, they are awesome!
It's just tricky because the Tortoises are actually pet-able pets ;) and also, the frogs love to hide and the tortoises mosey around a lot. It's like they Want us to play with them! ;)

So next, maybe you will meet our 3 Uromastyx lizards!

I adopted them when I married my Hubby, he's had them almost 7 years, I think. :)

Check back soon, who knows what my next post will be about! haha
Have a Froggy day!!

Monday, June 13, 2016

About to get my GreenHouse on!

Hello again!
I just HAD to share!
I ordered my greenhouse last week and it got here a week early!
I am in shock!
Thankfully my hubby understood my urgency and was able to put it together for me yesterday.. Basically our Tortoises LOVE greens and can't have ANY fruits or veggies, wow.. So I have decided that it would be BEST for our babies to grow our own, as much of it as I can
Below is the "stock" pic of it.. I don't have anything on my shelves yet, but I will within a day or 2. WooHoo!
I also decided that you might want another peek at the cutest little tortoises you have ever seen! ;)

Please check back soon, I will be updating on this post often!
....and on a side note, I've started correcting the Crochet Honeycomb Area Rug as well, so I will be posting that soon, I HOPE!!

Friday, June 10, 2016

Organic "Starter Garden" for Tortoises

Hello and Happy Friday!!!!

Now that we have these beautiful little tortoises

to take care of I am on a gardening rampage!

I know I mentioned that my new greenhouse will be here next week but who has that kind of time to sit around!?

I went right out to the store seeking Organic soil and plant seeds suitable for our little guys.
They are Very picky eaters..
But what is funny is that they LOVE certain weeds! Dandilions are one of their Favorite meals.. Guess what kind of seeds I bought!?....yup....Weed seeds!! haha
Though of course, like us, a lot of what they WANT to eat, isn't good for them (fruits have too much sugar, veggies have lots of stuff that they can't have in abundance.. but they love leaves and flowers and yes, Weeds)! DOH!

My son and I took a look last night to see if any sprouts were visible with the new light that they have.. We were Very Happy to see a few, very small ones JUST bursting through the surface.. YAY!!
THEN, this morning I thought to check again really fast before work and the WHOLE entire ROW has popped through over night! They are almost little bushes now!!
I love watching things grow.. Especially when I am the one planting them!

These seeds have been in dirt for less than a week, I am hoping they all go so easily!

Just planted seeds, with fork row markers and the top 1/2 of the seed package taped to it for ID purposes ;)

If you look Very closely (esp at the top of the pic) you can see a couple a small specks, the green ones are sprouts!

                     By the next morning the whole row had sprouted!!

Now I have about 50 more packs of seeds coming and I can't WAIT to get them started.. A bit late :( but with the help of my new Greenhouse it should be a breeze!

Check back soon, we will be Very busy setting things up for our beauties! =)

                              Thanks for sharing your day with me!
                                   Have a Wonderful Weekend!!

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Hermann's Tortoises!!

So I have been slacking on my rug some what..or a LOT.. haha
I ran into a "snag" and am having a little trouble fixing it.. Then enter These little guys and I am having a hard time pulling myself away from them to crochet! haha

We are so excited to add 3 baby Hermann's Tortoises to our family!!

We have had them 2 days and they are the cutest things you have ever seen!!!
I have always thought tortoises were adorable but up close and eating out of your hand is way beyond adorable!!
They are a LOT of work, since they need a special diet and you can't just feed them lettuce..
 In the wild they can eat up to 200 different varieties of weeds, plants and flowers, WOW!! They eat almost NO veggies or fruits, either..

(Ours are captive breed, we would never condone catching wild, ANYthing!! but they still like all that fun stuff their relatives can get their mouths on!)

I don't have NEARLY that in my yard...haha.. and NONE in my yard is safe for our little guys!
Everything they get needs to be pesticide free & organic..
SOOO I have ALWAYS wanted a greenhouse!
and now.... it is on it's way!! I just hope that I can get some good plantings ready for these guys ASAP!!

Check them out!

That's all for now.. Check back soon, I'll be anxious to get that greenhouse up and running and I will have pictures to share!