Friday, May 13, 2016

**Another UPDATE-New Color ~HoneyComb Crochet Area Rug~

Hi Again!!
I am so excited to be on the last of 3 "panels"!

In the picture below you can see that I am working the 2 Medium Blues together.
I can't WAIT to see the Dark Blue being added, I think that will really set it off!

                            It doesn't really look very square, does it..
Well.. I think that has a lot to do with me not taking the time to line it all up. I kind of threw it on the floor after that last row so I could grab a quick picture of it. ;)
I really like how it is turning out!

Hubby got me a Roomba Robo vacuum for our anniversary (Honestly, a Robo vacuum!? That is the ONLY time it is ok to buy cleaning items for a holiday!! I mean.. I program it and I don't have to even touch it again except to empty the tray a couple times week! What a perfect gift!! I named it Frank, I don't really know why, but I like it! =D LOL)
So the point of my mentioning that is because I think this rug will have no problem standing up against it (once I tie in my ends, anyway..)!
Frank (Robo Vac) has tried to eat my yarn a couple of times, when I forget and leave the rug on the floor.. but it's so easy to get it untangled, I am amazed! He hasn't grabbed onto the rug itself, I think it's far too heavy, hopefully Frank doesn't prove me wrong. haha

I know I mentioned before the weight of this thing.. I am on the 9th and 10th (One Pound) balls.
So really..  It SHOULD weigh not quite 9.5 lbs. right now (since I'm Mid-Panel)..
I will tell you what, though, if you pick it up it feels like it weighs 20! ...Okay.. Maybe I exaggerate a little and it's 15 lbs.. It feels like 50!! LOL

I thought I would add this lil bitty bit to the last post! I was able to start the 2nd to last panel over the weekend! I have been waiting to add this dark blue, I LOVE it!!
I'll post again when there is a bit more of it to see. :)

Well.. That is all for today!
I will be stretching my fingers and trying to bust out the last 2.5 panels asap..
The end is in sight! YAY!!

Have you ever made something that you love or that your proud of, I'd love to see it!

                                    Happy Crafting & God Bless!

Monday, May 2, 2016

~New Color Added!!~Crochet HoneyComb Rug

I feel like it took forever for me to get this far on the rug..

Really I haven't been working on it for very long, considering how time consuming it is to really make progress.

From Friday to Saturday night I got about 15 rows done.
I was on a mission to get that new color added in there! With enough rows to even SEE it..
... This is probably the only reason it's OKay for hubby to be working overtime. haha.. more craft time! lol
As far as Sunday goes.. My fingers needed a break, BAD..
My tension finger is really feeling the burn! a really harsh workout..
That cracks me up.. Sitting on my butt working out my finger.. hahaha

                                  Anyway, check out the pictures!

It's a little tough to see the Medium Blue with the Grey but I really like it!
The next set of colors (2 Medium Blues together) will really make this set POP!
If you remember, the rug is 60" wide. I will have to measure it now to see how long it is.
I am working in my 7th and 8th colors. These balls are "ONE POUND by Caron" but I have to say.. I seems like this things weighs about 20 lbs!
Do you think it's possible to use 8 pound balls and it weigh more than 8 lbs!?
I'm not sure about that.. but this thing is getting hard to move around to work on!
I will be so happy when I am finished with it.
This is the biggest project that I have ever done and I can't wait to see it finished on my floor!
Usually I make stuff to give away as gifts.
So actually making something for our home is pretty awesome!
It's big enough now that we have been able to try it out and see how it feels..
It's like the Best carpet ever!!
You know.. If you needed a floor mat for a bed, this would be great!
I know I want to curl up on it! haha
You could even make it wide enough to fold over and it might be even better than a mattress!  

                                       So, that's where I am so far..
                 I'm really having fun making this and posting it for all to see!

    Have you made something (Anything at all) that you would like to share!?
                                                     Please Do!