Monday, April 25, 2016

Updated** Crochet Big HoneyComb Area Rug!

I got a bit behind on my rug last week so I used the weekend to catch myself up!

Our new couch was FINALLY delivered Saturday, after waiting 2 months- we were super excited!

So I am trying to really bust a move on this rug!

It is big enough now that I actually stood on it to see how it felt and it is Wonderful! Better than any rug I have ever felt!

 If you seen the original post Here you know there is quite the difference from 2 weeks ago!

This rug really does work up fast but having it 60" wide means that even fast rows take time. I timed myself just to see about how long each row would take.. The single crochet row (between each HoneyComb row) took about 8 minutes.. The Honeycomb rows take about 15 minutes..

I have about 4 sections left to add, not including the partial that is started.

When I did the math and estimates on this, I thought it should measure about 130".. Being that I am not concerned with gauge and things like that it'll be interesting to see how long it actually turns out.

This is pretty handy; Because of how I am doing it I don't think you'll be able to see if there is a little size difference in the panels..
I am adding the same number of rows to every panel. If I was off in the number of rows I think you would be able to tell more so than being off by an inch..

That's all for today!

I plan to speed through the next couple of panels, so be sure to check back for updates, a new color should be added within the next few days too, I hope ;)


Well, I haven't quite gotten to the new color yet.. I will very soon though, I have about 4 rows left!
I just thought I would share the progress.
It is really shaping up and actually LOOKS like a rug now!


  1. This is absolutely beautiful! I can't believe how much time you invested in it. Is it really just ordinary yarn used double? Didn't it cost way more than buying one?

    1. Thank you so much for checking me out, Jan! Actually I was lucky and found most of the yarn on sale. Gotta love that! And actually the rugs that we really liked were very expensive, and by that I mean a 500 hundred dollars or more. So I felt like investing a little money in this and creating it would be much more worth it! Altogether I think it cost about $100 Maybe!

  2. Well, you did a truly magnificent job. It will give you pleasure every time you see it!

    1. Thanks so much for taking your time to look. It really will!- and it's so nice on the feet! Finished size is 59" by 92" I posted the finished picture a bit earlier in June. ;)

  3. Your rug is so totally beautiful! I bet if will feel so awesome on your feet! What a great idea for people with pain in their feet! Thank you for sharing!


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