Monday, April 18, 2016

Flower Watercolor


Lately I've gotten very interested in painting..
I haven't done much of it yet, except to dabble a bit with my water color set..

I really want to try out all sorts of different medias', but for now, since it's Spring!! I thought this was a cute little thing to share. :)

I'd love to say that I came up with the flower myself but I am not that good! haha
This is a stamp from Close to my Heart. Someday I will be a consultant again.. hahaha
Anyway, I stamped the flower on scrap paper and then stamped on my work so it was just a vague outline. Then I just added color where I thought it should go.
I don't think this was too shabby for my first watercolor attempt.
I think I've found another passion,
Hopefully I am able to achieve what I hope to!
Have anything you'd like to share with me?
I'm all eyes.......

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