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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Crochet HoneyComb Stitch BIG Area Rug!

Hi Again!

I mentioned that I have been crocheting like mad and it didn't stop with the baby shower I was preparing for!

Right after I finished with those gifts I started on an area rug for our living room. We have hardwood floors and my sore, arthritic feet can't take it anymore!

We painted recently (I LOVE bright colors!) We have a new couch being delivered the end of April, so its the perfect time to get those color accents in!
I made a small rug years ago using the Cross Stitch and loved the way that turned out. But I wanted to try something different so I handed my husband the stitch book and told him to pick what he likes. (mind you, HE doesn't crochet so he was just going by looks)..

We are fond of abstract and circle designs so when he picked the HoneyComb stitch I wasn't surprised ;)

I wanted it to be fluffy and squishy so I wanted to use a large hook. I went with the P (11.50mm) and started the rug by chaining about 105 (increments of 3 for this stitch).

I decided to try something very different from anything that I have seen so far..

I am working this with 2 strands of yarn beginning with "off White".
It'll be 3 skeins each of 2 white, 1 white 1 grey, 2 grey, 1 grey 1 medium blue, 2 medium blue, 1 medium blue and 1 dark blue then 2 dark blue.. (I still need to pick up the medium blue but I have here - Off white, medium grey mix and Ocean.
I don't know if that put a picture in your head or just confused the heck out of you.. ha ha
It'll be much easier when I can post pics of it..
Day 1
This is the area I am making it for. I wanted to lay it out and see exactly how wide I wanted it. That is about 4 feet.

Day 3
If you look close to the pic above, (first you'll see my crying, real tears-haha) If you look at the rows the arrows point at closely you'll see my problem.. My row is off and my Honeycombs match up now instead of being off-set.. That stinks. It'll be VERY visible and has to be corrected.. Fortunately I only had to rip out 3 rows to fix it! Thank Goodness I check my work.. 
Day 3
Now THIS time everything looks perfect!
I just thought I would show why it can be SO important to watch your work/pattern closely.. I've had to rip out MANY things because I didn't pay close enough attention..
If your a crocheter or knitter you understand how it feels to rip it out and start over.. But it's a great feeling knowing that you made something and the pattern is right on!
Day 5
Day 5

                                                                      Day 6
I wasn't too sure about this as I added the second color (grey) to the cream.. As I started getting rows done I could see that it looks kind of cool.. If you read the rest of this post you already know the color scheme I am going for. I can't wait to add the next colors so it'll really start coming together!

I am taking time every night to work on this project. Our new couch will be here within the next 2 weeks. While I doubt I'll have this DONE by then, I plan to have a pretty good dent in it so I can get it on the floor ASAP!!
I'll be adding to this post often to show the progress on the rug.
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Do YOU crochet?
Please share,
I'd LOVE to hear about it!


  1. Very neat! Love seeing as new colors are being added <3<3<3

    1. Thanks! I'll be bringing in another new color soon, please check back!

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