Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Baby Crochet...

I've been crocheting like mad!
I found out someone near and dear is having a baby boy!
I just love babies!!
So I immediately started making a little stuffed dog for him...then a Duckie bib (which I just LOVE)..then the coolest blanket I've ever seen (I've NEVER seen a round one before, Shut the front door!!) I love to be different and while I feel like this is Definately different- it is super neat and kind of original... I used someone elses' pattern (which is why it's only Kind of original, hahaha) and just love the way it turned out! The best part is... If you screw up a little bit (not that I did!! hehe) you would have to search pretty hard to see the screw up (or a couple of missed stitches..)!

I was so happy with this blanket and thrilled to be able to give it to the soon to be new mommy. I hope she likes it half as much as I liked making it for them!
Blanket Edging
I had some pretty big ideas when I began these projects.. I have made several animals before (elephant, koala bear, mouse to name a few) but those guys weren't quite as much work as this dragon that I fell in love with..
I decided to match him with the blanket and use the same yarn.
The only thing I regret is not thinking of this when my 2 boys were babies!
They both want a dragon now.. (11 and 8 years old. haha) 
I've never used safty eyes before, so I opted to sew them on instead. That can be tricky as working in rounds like you do on animals means the stitches won't be exactly straight.. I think I did pretty good on this guy, but the dog's eyes below got a little out of whack (I used buttons on the dogs eyes, but I secured them into the dogs ears {by sewing ears on with the tail of the eyes}then  into the back of his head seam, just to be safe. haha)
                     I just love his dogish looking ears!!
 I purposefully overstuffed the dog a little bit.. I know that he will flatten out (I have a very flat elephant that I made about 10 years ago..that I need to
 I seen the little dragon rocker and just HAD to add him to my gift! Even if his coloring IS off ;)
Of course I HAD to make a cool card to go with all of the hand made items!
Which is handy because I really like making cards!
They already had his name picked out, so I got to make it even more special by sewing that on his card as well!
I'm making a BIG HoneyComb Stitch Crochet Area Rug...
check back soon to see the progress! 
I plan to have that done pretty quick.. but it could still take awhile.. all good things, you know.. ;)
Thanks for checking me out!
Come back soon!
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  1. oh such cuteness - it was fun watching it come to life.

  2. Your dragon is fantastic. I love how you shared the different stages of the dragon coming together. The puppy dog is cute too.

  3. That makes a very special and big gift. The mom to be must have been very happy. The blanket is really one of a kind and I understand why it must have been fun to make. And your dragon... wow, very well done!
    Thank you for participating to my Fabric, Thread and Yarn link party. Have a good day!

  4. Such a beautiful afghan! That dragon reminds me of the Luck Dragon in The Neverending Story! Very cool!


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