Friday, December 30, 2016

Old School Sewing Tool & Linky!

Do you ever come accross something and wonder what the heck it is!?

My husband found this tool at a thrift store years ago and didn't know exactly what it's purpose was. For $1 he decided to buy it and see.

Fast forward several years and he came accross it again in some old stuff.
This time he had Google handy and found out that they are Wooden Seam Rollers.
That is great because as we were talking about it beforehand, I could only think that they would be useful to flatten seams and nest them nicely. Bonus!
I am working on This Baby Quilt and taking time to get my seams right, so I will give this bad boy a go!

Do you have any Whacky, Nifty, Sweet or Fun sewing tools, notions or decor!?
The world would LOVE to see it, why not link up and share!?

Thursday, December 29, 2016

My Best of 2016!

Wow!! I can't believe 2016 is already coming to a close!

I guess what your parents say while you are young is true.. "You want to grow up so fast, just wait until you have kids and it will fly right by"!
I will tell you.. Once I had kids, my years started flying by so fast it is amazing that there are actually 8,760 hours in a year! Was I sleeping through most of it or what!? ..I DO really like sleep, so it is possible.. ha

I seen A great post over at Meadow Mist Designs with Cheryl, Best of 2016 linky party, Yay! I love linkys!

I just HAD to put this post together and join in on the fun!

So, I had to decide how to Choose my "top 5"! I am torn but I guess it works out that MY fav's also seemed to be YOUR Fav's, too! That makes it a lot easier, whew!

This HAS to be #1- Batiks Quilt Top

 I had to leave some favorites out.. Let's face it, top 15-20 posts would take all night to read! So I will refrain from extending my
 I do really love the projects that I made above.
 NEVER in a million years would I have thought I would be here, blogging to you all about my sewing...talents?!? haha
But here I am.. and enjoying the LIFE right out of it!

I hoped you enjoyed seeing my favorite posts from 2016.
I can't tell you enough how I appreciate each and every one of you for taking your precious time to join me on my blog.

Here is to a FANTABULOUS 2017!!

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Feeling Spent...

💖Hey friends!
I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday filled with happiness, love and quality time with family and friends!

I thought todays' title was pretty much a dead ringer.. haha.. Who isn't feeling spent after Christmas - and Christmas Crafts?! (I just love puns, lol)

I took a little break from sewing. After rushing to get Christmas gifts done I thought a vacay was in order. Plus preparing for the holidays was a bit extra intensive.. Since we were painting our dining room - and finished it, literally an hour before people got to our home! eeek! ;)

I really enjoyed the time off of work! It always goes way too fast but it feels so nice when your right in the middle of that long weekend.. haha

My awesome step sister gave me a Design wall for Christmas,
I am totally geeked! =D

I was also super excited when I opened a gift from my husband to discover that it was the EQ7 that I have been DYING for!

I waited an appropriate amount of time before I ripped open the box and grabbed my laptop to install it! ...then I was abruptly stopped in my tracks..
I have to call the customer service number to get it installed =(

I emailed them (on Christmas Day...) and of course they were closed for the holiday, which I assumed.. But, you know, you just want to get it in their email box asap so MAYBE it could be an easy fix and can be taken care of like magic! lol...yeah..
But - Hey, they are awesome and emailed me this morning, Thanks Guys!!

Of course, something within my laptop is keeping it from installing.
Don't you hate when your electronics sabotage you?!

All I can do is HOPE that I can figure out how to stop all of my blockers and junk so it will let the program install.. Did I mention that I have been waiting for this for, like, Ever!? ugh!
Instant gratification is the BEST..and this is definatily NOT.. lol

Anyway, I will be messing with it until it is up and running. I have BIG plans for this baby and it is instrumental in my New Years ReSEWlution plans!

I plan to be back behind my favorite table within the next couple of days, just wait until you see what I have in mind! =D

I thought it might be fun to Add a link up for Christmas Gift Fun! Did you get or give something that you LOVE!? Hand made or otherwise, Let's see it!
You can link up as many as you would like.
There won't be a giveaway at this time, I just thought this would be a fun way to connect! =)

Have a very Blessed New Year and take good care!

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

We Have A Winner!

Hi everyone!

I want to thank everyone who entered my December giveaway! Especially those who took the time to link up! I really enjoy looking at all of your awesome projects! 

I'm super happy to announce the winner....Moneik Quilts! 

I've already sent an email, you have until Monday to respond, it is Christmas, after all. =)

I hope everyone has a fantastic holiday!
God Bless!

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

InterActive ScrapChat on Disqus!

InterActive ScrapChat is officially up and running!
This Post gives the details, if you missed it before. :)

I am really excited to be able to connect with everyone!
Being able to comment and post pictures with your comments makes Disqus a super cool community!

It could also add a lot of fun ideas to my giveaways!

Check out todays' post!

My Disqus profile Here may help, as well. :)

I hope you will give it a shot and stop by!

I would love to see your Christmas (or any!) projects!!

Have a wonderful holiday!!

Don't miss my giveaway! Ends Wednesday 12/21!

Monday, December 19, 2016

Christmas Sewing Done!

Merry almost Christmas Everyone!

I was really glad to finish up my Christmas sewing this past weekend, whew!
I prefer to have things done a bit eariler than that but as long as they are done, I am all good! =)

If you seen my previous couple of posts you have already gotten to see the progress but here are those links
1st Post about Wallets 2nd Post about Wallets

I really like the way these turned out! But there is ALWAYS room for improvement!
I even have a couple of orders for them from adult friends! ha! Sweet!
So in the (near- I hope) future I will be posting about "up-sizing" this cute little wallet! =D

 Above is the front of the wallets. That "Oly Fun" craft material is water resistant and I thought that would be a good idea for the outside.
I used the gaming fabric on the center of the bill fold, as well, even on the big boys wallets and I think that makes them look pretty neat!

The ones with the black background go to the older boys (12 & 11) and the more colorful gaming background go to the younger boys (8 & 9). I already know the 11 & 9 year olds' love them (and the cash that I put inside, haha) but I will find out if the 12 & 8 (my boys) like them on Christmas Eve.
- Is that Seriously only like 5 days away!?

As usual, I jumped in head first with a project that I have never done before and I really love it! I created my own pattern for these little guys and will be improving on that so I can post it for you all to try out!

I don't know if I'll have time to post before Christmas, finishing up those last minute details is always the tricky part! Aside from the usual chaos, we are hosting Christmas Eve dinner with both of our parents and some siblings :)
Im really excited!
Im making sausage bread for an appetizer, and lasagne with plain & cheese garlic bread! Yum! 

I wish you all the Best holiday & God Bless!
I am linking up with FreeMotion by the River & Patty from Elm Street Quilts!

Don't forget about my giveaway, it ends Wednesday!

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

GiveAway Going On!

I hope you have all seen that my December Giveaway is going on still!

I am leaving it open until next Wednesday, December 14.

The Original Giveaway post is here!

There are several ways to enter, including a linky party if you are so inclined, and please do! It's so much fun seeing what everyone is working on! ( Besides- you get 2 entries if you link up).
Please include your name in the link so I can make sure everyone is getting their entries!
Some of them are just returning to my link-up page.. :(

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

December Giveaway, JUST in time for Christmas!

😁😁It's that time again, friends!

My favorite time of the month- Giveaway time!!
Just in time to win a little something for yourself, for Christmas, too!
What better gift for you than winning this sweet giveaway?!

Have you had a chance to check out Green Fairy Quilts?
I have purchased fabric from them a few times and they are just wonderful!

They have great sales (that I can never resist) and super awesome cheap shipping - $1.95 within the US! I mean, I just Can't say no..

They have so many fabrics, tools, books and notions you could be on their web site all day picking out everything that you 'Must Have'!
There have consistant 'buy 1 get 1 free' options and a 'Deal of the Day', too! 

Are you ready for this?!

THIS month- Green Fairy Quilts is sponsoring my Giveaway! Yay!!

You know what they are offering??

A newly released Baltimore Blues Jelly Roll by Moda! WOAH!

The customer service is top notch and so very nice, too, TOTAL Bonus!
Shout out to my buddy, Clint- you rock! =)

By the way, Judy and Clint are the cutest couple- If you read their 'About Us' it is so super sweet! Knowing what I do now, about them, makes me so much happier that I LOVE to buy from them! ha! Supporting small businesses is awesome! but seriously, holy cow- rock on, you guys, Wow!

If your looking for something super sweet to do with this jelly- take a look at one of Judy's first published quilts, I love it!

Want to know what my favorite new item is? It HAS to be these adorable antique look sewing sets

I will have to add them to my list of 'Must Haves'!

Let us get to the Good's, shall we!?

*To Enter*

1 entry- Follow me (I love Bloglovin!) and comment how you follow.
1 entry- Sign up for Green Fairy Quilts newsletter! and comment that you have signed up.
2 entries- Join the Linky Party below!

This time, I am going to give a full 2 weeks before I draw a winner!
So the Giveaway ends on Dec 21st. at 10:00am 

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Sewn Christmas Gift- Wallet


I hope this new week finds you all doing very well and happily preparing for Christmas- Which is only a few short weeks away now, eek!
I posted here that I was making my boys wallets for Christmas. =D
Which I have never made before. *Here's to jumping in with both feet- again!* haha

On Saturday I was able to finish 1 wallet and get mostly through the 2nd wallet.
-Then I was forced to quit-haha.. Hubby and I are FINALLY painting our kitchen and dining room, so I was needed elsewhere. Don't you hate that. lol

Of course, these wallets were a last minute idea that I had, big surprise, right! ha
It happened to be Black Friday when I decided I NEEDED to go and get fabric. Joann's had a pretty good sale going and I found fabric that I thought my boys would like (They are all about gaming these days).
As I was wandering about the store, I mean, I Had to check for other sales, right!?
I came across a craft fabric (pictured below) that is water repellent. I decided to pick some up and see if I could use it on the outside of the wallets. :)

Oly Fun- it is also no fray - bonus! 
 I wanted to use primarily black because my oldest is highly color conscious. Heaven forbid something draw attention to him! lol
 Even if the outside is (all) black, I added that cool fabric to the inside for a fun pop.
On the inside pockets and the inside of the bill holder, I used the Gaming fabric. Then I used the meander stitch that comes built in on my sewing machine.
Also, It's impossible to see but there is a black pocket right behind the gaming print pockets.
I still have 1 wallet to finish and it will be a little different than this one.
Mainly, my little guy isn't afraid of color so his will have more of that fun fabric. =D

Yet another project that isn't perfect- but for all of it's flaws, I still think it turned out pretty cute. We are our own worst critic, right?
So I am hoping I am just being super critical and that my boys will not even notice those little special features. lol

What do you think?! - I'm not sure.. but they aren't a tangled mess, so I am calling it a sucess! haha

I'm linking up with Busy Hands Quilts!

What's on your Christmas Making 'To-Do' list!?

P.s. The giveaway starts 12/7 and it is posted- Here!

Friday, December 2, 2016

InterActive ScrapChat is Ready!

As you might know, I have been working on this InterActive ScrapChat idea for a few months now.
Unfortunatily the idea spun around in my head for a couple of months before an idea struck and I was left wondering WHY it took me so long to realize it..DUH!

There is a webside called Disqus. I ran into it during my research and began a "channel". At that time, I wasn't sure what to do from there. Today, I realized that I could update some settings and allow guests to not only leave comments but also post pictures!
That is EXactly what I was looking for!! 

I have started discussion called "Christmas is almost here!" so we could all connect and share the fun things that we are working on for our loved ones.. and ourselves!

I've already posted the wallet that I am working on and now it's Your turn!
I'm so grateful to everyone that left comments on my ScrapChat tab (on this blog). I will be looking into the possibility of adding those to the "channel". I think it is awesome to get to know each other and these little facts help us all connect!

So come on! Click This Link! and add to our conversation, we'd love to have you!

The URL for your convenience is

I can't wait to hear about what's on your crafting table!

I have a giveaway going on until December 21!

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Cool Christmas Sewing for my Boys!

Happy Thursday, everyone!

This week seems to be crawling by.. I'm sure that's because I am dying to get to work at my sewing table! - I decided that I am making my boys wallets for Christmas and bought fabric that day to accomplish that- last weekend.. :( 
 I am past ready to jump in!

So, I am sucking it up and doing a lot of thinking about my current list of 'To-Do's. Some good ideas can come to you as you think through the details of each project. Sometimes switching things just to change them right back. haha.. but that is the way of it, isn't it? Just like a quilt of blocks that you switch around a thousand times only to realize the first was the best.

I have never really done much "planning" when it comes to my projects.
I pretty much get an idea in my head and go buy fabric. =D -some people might prefer to have a pattern in mind first, but that's just not how I 'roll'
Then I turn the project around 16,000 times in my head and try to think through all of those "little things". Sometimes I have to do a little research and look at similar things so I can wrap my head around it better.

I've mentioned before that I prefer to create my own patterns. It can get so tricky getting every single measurement correct or placing things JUST the way {someone else} did.. Instead, I plan it out my way and place {tweak} and play with it until it's at it's best. So far that has been working for me.
I think I actually create things that I never would have if I hadn't jumped in and opened my mouth before thinking through my brilliant idea.
I'll consider that a big win for my process, I guess! =)

All of that to say.... I actually drew up a "blue print" the other night of my newest big idea! haha

OK.. This is my first draft and doesn't really look great, but it has already done it's job, as far as I am concerned! It took the vague idea that I had in my head and helped me make it concrete. I now have a very clear idea of exactly what I am looking for and how I want to achieve it. If it goes down the way it's supposed to, that is..  For THAT we will have to wait and see..

I've mentioned before that my boys are 12 & 8. My 12 year old likes to keep things low-key, so I want to make his wallet low-key (ish).. Otherwise, who knows if he would even use it! and that's not cool. haha
My 8 year olds' though, should be a little bit more "fun".
I really can't wait to get to work on them. Tomorrow.. ugh..

I hope you enjoyed the look into my creative process!

I am making these my December OMG and linking up with Elm Street Quilts!
- on a side note - I love linking up with everyone for the OMG and I totally forget that there is a giveaway at the end, until today! I won a November prize! What a great reminder of the OTHER reason I love the OMG! Thanks so much Patty @ Elm Street Quilts!

Do you draw out plans for your projects?

Have a fantastic weekend and God Bless!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

What Luck!

I was blown away this morning..

I logged into my email and I had just gotten one saying that I won the DreamScrap BlogHop giveaway over at SewInLoveWithFabric!

Have you had a chance to look at the blocks that were created during the Bloghop??

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7

I went ahead and put a link to each day above - so worth the time to look -They really are quite awesome!
I can't wait to give them all a try!

Thank you so much for the awesome giveaway Benartex! These colors are TO. DIE. For!!

I can't believe my luck lately! I have a couple of "happy mailings" on their way and I just CAN'T wait to get into them!! ....How are YOU at waiting?! I really love Instant Gratification.. I'm not at waiting.. lol

I hope this luck that I am having holds up - Who could hate winning such awesome prizes!?

Have a happy week all and God Bless!!

Monday, November 28, 2016

A Baby Quilt In The Making

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend and had a chance to not only relax but also dive into something that you love!

I had been eyeballing these adorable fabrics and finally decided to throw caution to the wind and buy them! I just love elephants, giraffes and tortoises (whales too, funny mix, right!?), they are soo cute in these prints! I'm thinking a baby quilt is a great project to dive in to!

I began to think about WHAT to do with them.. I wondered and wondered.. Then, I just cut them into 7.5" (7" finished) squares because honestly, I can think on these things for months and STILL not be sure what I want to do!
I like the idea of those big chunky blocks and thought these prints would look great just that way!
So, over my long weekend (of course, I didn't get half as much done as I wanted to, big shock, right!) I was able to get all of my rows stitched. Now all I have to do on this cute little project is align the corners (uh-oh) and sew my rows together!  
Here are my finished rows- these pictures don't show the panels that I am adding to the 2nd row from top and bottom; that is what the multi-colored animal print is for =D.
It will make a lot more sense once it is altogether, right now it looks a bit jumbled.
Now, I am thinking about how I want to quilt it on my home machine.
This will be so much fun to quilt. It doesn't have a home destination in mind yet, so I can play around with it some and see what I like!
I decided to make my boys' wallets for Christmas, so I have a total of 1 whole weekend to get those done, haha!
I think we know what will be on (and hopefully off) my plate THIS weekend..
I hope you like my baby quilt!
They are such fun to make, Baby projects- in general- are my favorite!
Have a very Blessed week!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Quilters Trunk Show is Over- I'm a winner!

I was so excited last night when I got an email saying that I was one of the random winners of the Trunk Show!

The prizes are awesome and I can't wait to get my hands on them and try them out!

I wanted to send a special Thank You to Soma at Whims and Fancies for being such a wonderful host and to the sponsors that offered all of the excellent prizes!

It's like a double thanks to Soma, since part of my prize is picking out 2 of her awesome patterns! I love them all but it didn't take very long for me to realize which ones I like best! Her Pinwheel Star and Starlite Converging are just too beautiful to pass up! They are now both on my list of things to create - soon, list!

I'm so ecstatic to be among the winners - congratulations to the other winners, as well!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, I sincerely hope you have a very Blessed and filling weekend!!

Monday, November 21, 2016

Kitty Curtains & OMG Done!

I had a weekend full of sewing!! ...and chores.. =(
Which means I didn't get nearly as much done as I had hoped to! But when do I ever.. ;)
BUT I did get those kitty curtains finished! Yay!

I had a hard time getting decent pictures of them since I don't have any rods up in my son's bedroom, yet.. These are a Christmas gift for him. :)

To see better pictures My Last Post is Here!

This finishes up my November *One Monthly Goal (OMG)*!

I still have a few pesky strings to trim off of this panel but I am super happy with these curtains!

I planned to add some fun shapes to random spots in the black area (because I was worried they would look kind of plain and blah) but once I had the main components in place, I thought they looked really good without complicating them and making them too busy.
He is 8 and I don't want them to look babyish to him. ;)
While the "Kitties in yarn" fabric is *maybe a little childish, I really feel like the life like kitties in the blocks make up for it in spades!

 They are still a bit wrinkled. I mean, you can iron them, but yikes, good luck. haha - I decided to iron the spots that I needed after trying (for an hour) to iron every panel. He won't even notice the wrinkles. lol ;)

After painstakingly lining up the panels on the floor and trying sooo hard to get the squares all lined up to match, I realized that Everything that I do is crooked, I know this and accept it, so instead of having them come out slightly skewed on accident and look weird, I made them to go from lower to higher (on each right panel) and higher to lower (on each left panel), if that makes any sense at all..

I haven't even gotten to see them all together yet to judge if they look crazy or not.
I'm really counting on my son's love for me and anything that I create for him to shine through, regardless of how they turned out.. HAHA!

I promise to post a better picture of the overall effect once they are hung in his bedroom!
I can't wait to see them and his face- in all their glory!

I am also linking up with Free-Motion by the River! & Crafty Design-O-Rama and Can I get A Whoop Whoop!

Have a Scraptabulous Week, Happy Thanksgiving and God Bless!

Friday, November 18, 2016

My New Year ReSEWloution

As we approach the New Year at an amazingly quick pace, I find myself thinking ahead.. Which is a great..(and a terrible..) thing. lol
I have never made a New Years' resolution before and in the last few days I have had a thought..
I really want to make quilts for my boys.
AND I don't want them to be done as I send them off to college in 6 to 10 years.. (my boys are 8 and 12 now ;)

SO- I am going to make a ReSEWlution for the new year, instead!
It's HARD to give up things just because it's a different day, you know.. So instead of GIVING UP, I am Giving IN- to my addiction, that is! ha!

I have participated in several link ups- like one of my FAVS The OMG Linky (that recently relocated) with Elm Street Quilts.

After little thought I decided to create a *To-Do 2017*..

In a couple of months, I will start my preparation and planning for my boys quilts! My reSEWlution is that they will be FINISHED by 2018!

That should give me tons of time to get them done and maybe even have some other projects in there, too!

Creating a quilt for my 8 year old shouldn't be too difficult. Thank goodness! He is a lively kid that likes all sorts of colors and silly stuff! He has no problem with pink and likes purple, too!
So I will probably go with brights on his. I just love brights.
You can probably tell if you've seen my past posts ;)

My 12 year old, on the other hand, is much more difficult.
He is in a phase of kind of wanting to blend in. He prefers straight color without design. (Yes, I am positive that he is mine;) lol!
I was thinking all blues for him. But black and greys would look pretty awesome, as well.

They won't be able to be a secret, (that takes too much effort!!) maybe I can get a little input from them on their respective quilts.. hmm..
I don't know if you have ever tried that..?
I have with a few things and I'll tell you what.. They come out with the funniest (and sometimes coolest) fabric ideas. Then I am stuck searching and searching and settling on something as close as possible.
I swear, I think of things that I want and after a strenuous search, can't find.
I can't be the ONLY one to think of *those things*.. Oh well..

ANYWAYS, I've got my 2017 all planned out, already!
There's a first for everything! =D

Do you have YOUR 2017 planned!?

I am linking up with Quilting Jet Girl!

Wish me luck!  HA

Have a GREAT weekend and God Bless!!

Thursday, November 17, 2016

CheeseCake Anyone!?

Happy Almost weekend, all!

It's been a few since I have posted, sorry!
That's mostly because those Kitty Curtains that I am working on had to be put away while the kiddos were home. :( 
I have been itching like crazy to get at them!

I will back back in full swing on those very soon though =D

Today, I thought I would step outside of my bubble and post a recipe. With Thanksgiving being right around the corner, it seemed like perferct timing!
First I have to say - I don't often bake (and by often- I mean NEVER)...Anything.. Unless it is chicken for dinner.. haha

However, about 5 years ago I was looking for something really special to take to Christmas. While pursuing my Betty Crocker Cookbook, I ran across their New York Style CheeseCake.

Of course, mine doesn't look quite the same as their picture perfect slice, but it *might just taste better than theirs! =D

I had several moments of doubt - how can I make something as grand as a cheesecake when I don't even make cookies..

The next thought that I had pretty much chased away my wonders, though.
How COOL would it be to surprise everyone with my culinary skills (haha) and have the best dessert on the table.. (not that everything isn't Great, you know!?)

I also had a 3 and 6 year old running around, so I was going to have to be up late cooking while they were in bed. Not an exciting prospect for someone who doesn't particularly like to cook.. (and by that I mean, not at all.. HAHA)

I had all of the necessary ingredients, except that I never put in the orange peel (until last year) and I don't like nuts so that meant no almonds.
To this day -I don't use anything on top of it, I just let the beautiful golden deliciousness shine. You know what, no one notices that anything is off at all!
All I ever hear is how wonderful it is (That's never hard to hear, right!?)

It was by far the best thing that I have ever contributed to a gathering.
I felt pretty darn good for putting in so much effort and having everyone love it, too!

In the past 3 years "my" cheesecake has been requested at my in-laws holiday party. THAT is definitely a cool feeling!
On the sad side, my hubby doesn't like cheesecake. :(
However, it's his dads favorite, and I think we all know that I HAVE to make it for my favorite father-in-law!
I have been trying for a couple years to make something hubby would like as well as the cheesecake, but he hates to make me work harder just for him. This year, I am going to figure out something!
Do you have any ideas?!
He mentioned maybe a cobbler.. Something else I have never cooked, that could be fun! Imagine my feeling of accomplishment when my husband gets to enjoy something that I made, too, just for him. <3

I haven't eaten dairy now for couple of years (ok, I cheat and have sour cream on tacos, how could I NOT!?) so I haven't been able to enjoy my cheesecake in quite some time but it is totally worth it and I hope it is requested for years to come!

If you are looking for something AWEsome to take to a holiday gathering you should totally try it. It isn't as hard as it sounds! Even on my very first attempt it was great, that is impressive!!

If *I* can do it, so can YOU!!
If you do, I would LOVE to hear about it!

Do you already have a dish that you LOVE to serve to loved ones for holidays!?

Have a fantastic weekend and God Bless!

Thursday, November 10, 2016

A Trunk Show for Bloggers!

Yes, you seen that correctly!

I was super excited when I came across Whims and Fancies Post- Trunk Full of Quilts!

So excited -in fact- that I jumped on it so quickly, I didn't even read all of her great instructions on how it should work.. oops.. Sorry about that ;)
There I am, jumping in, again!
No wonder my seam ripper is my best friend! lol

SO.. To do this correctly I am posting to share my Finishes and link up!

There are more details and pictures in the original posts that I have linked above each picture -as their title. :)

Baby Crochet Gift Basket
I had so much fun making these gifts.. I'd never made a round blanket before and I just loved the idea! Once I seen that dragon- I was toast, for real.. He is the cutest thing ever and I will have to make one to keep at home next.. Once my finger joints recover from those months of crochet! haha

This rug is something I made right after that baby gift basket (which is why my fingers still hate me, lol).. It took me a lot of work over about 2 months and I am super proud of it! It still has a place of honor on our living room floor. Unfortunately, I can see a small amount of wear on it :*( so I don't know if it will last the years and years I had hoped for- but it will last for years at least. Still- Totally worth it! 

Dragons, Castles and Glow in the Dark Thread!

This Dragon and Castle wall hanging was the very first thing that I ever stitched! I made it when my boys' shared a bedroom (and now they don't, doh!).
The glow in the dark thread is only visible if you look - real - close :( but at least you can see my hand stitching (I think it looks pretty darn good, too, even if I do say so myself)! I tried to define those dragons by doing pretty much every line on them (minus the eyes, I thought that might look creepy, haha). We love how it turned out!

Anyhow! I am so glad that I was able to email and get myself straight on how to enter this awesome Trunk Full of Quilts show!
I can't wait to see what everyone else has finished!

Have a Wonderfully Blessed day!!

Winner Wednesday..On Thursday!

It's finally time to draw the winner for that fantastic Moda Jelly roll!
I am a little sad to see it move off of my table.. It looked so pretty sitting there.. Just Begging me to unroll it! I refrained, but boy, it was tough! LOL

I am so excited- you would think I won it! ha!
Patricia- Miaismine, come on've JUST won my Giveaway!haha- I totally felt all Price-is-Right(y) there! lol

I'm so glad that you've won Patricia, I will be emailing you!

I would LOVE to see what you decide to use this beautiful Jelly roll for!

Maybe I will even giveaway something extra if my past winners let me post what they've created on my blog!?
I think that is a FANtastic idea! So it is now law..(hehe)
If you send me what you have created from your prize, I will post it on my blog and send you something extra special!

I Thank Everyone so much for making my giveaway so much fun!
I got to learn so much about you all and can't wait until we can have another go 'round!

At this point I am trying to sort out next years sponsors, so I am not entirely sure how that will go for the moment.


December IS just around the corner (and THAT is definitely THIS year)! =D

Have a wonderful weekend and God Bless!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Giveaway Ends Today!

I just wanted to remind you that my Giveaway ends today!
I like doing the Winner Wednesday but this week it may have to be Winner Thursday (just doesn't have the same ring to it! lol).

I will be a bit pressed for time Wednesday and I figure an extra day can't hurt, right!?
So, I will draw the winner Thursday, which means you have allllll day Wednesday to enter. =D

So if you haven't already entered, you might want to do that or you'll be Soo Jelly!!

Good luck to all!