Thursday, September 17, 2015

a Wedding (Not so) Mini Album

Hello again!                                                                  

I just finished working on a wedding album for my cousin and his bride.
I put the album near the card box since it is kind of my card.. ;)

There is room for 104 pictures!  Ranging in size from 3x3 to 5x7 and even larger can be put right on a couple of the pages! There are 2 pages with attached mini books and 4 bound mini books for the top pockets!

They had a 1920's themed wedding (with Navy and Gold as their colors), which was SOOO much fun!
I even bought a flapper dress (I didn't even know its name until I started looking around, lol!)

It was a surprise for them, while it didn't turn out exactly like I'd hoped I think it looks pretty good! I just hope they like it.

So here are some cool facts and pictures from the start and finish of that =)

I am so glad to have a working Cricut again! The ONLY downside is that my mats can't quite hold the super heavy glitter paper (below) that I am using a ton of on in this album.. SOOOO.. I found some permanent/temporary spray glue that really does the trick! The glue spray would work great on a lot of things but the glitter paper just peels right off of it.. ugh.. SOOO..I have totally changed my base paper and am totally rocking it!

(If you use the glue on your mat-)You have to let it set for 2-3 minutes before putting paper on the mat  but you can let it sit for hours afterward and still get them off. If you don't wait the card stock will stick permanently to your mat. Also, I am only using this for the heavy paper. I don't use the Cricut spatula anymore. It is too big and bulky for a lot of what I do, so I use a small tool you can pull apart to use 3 different options; a hard plastic pick on one end and small flat edge (about 1/8" wide) on the other end, the other 1/2 offers a sticky end to grab small stuff and a "cap" for the pick or the flat edge to fit into. I can find the name if anyone would like to know :)


Glittery Card Stock! The main page is glittery black and the mats will all be white (Gotta bring the white in somehow, it's a wedding!! lol) but all of the decorations and borders will be in Navy, Glitter Navy and Glittery Gold. So excited to see how it turns out!!


LOVE the mirrored feathers I found and the Forever charm for the binding!
I'm using the photo refills that have a single row, for up to 6 pictures, to add extra pics that just wont fit on the pages

The butterfly and everything that I put in the binding came from the Bridal Shower party favors that her mom made as a surprise. I attached the scrap pages to the one behind to create pockets for the tags and mini books that I made and I stuck those in with lace and gold sparkley ribbon and cute white ribbon with hearts.

I used 5x7 photo protectors in the binding for the majority of the pictures

The little square with ribbon tied over it is actually a pull out mini book! It looks a lot like the one pictured below, just different papers. Some with cute sayings and others with just patterns

I decided to include some 4x6 photo inserts folded up accordian style for the page pocket

                        The little tag in the pocket was cut from the CTMH Cricut cartridge you can find at my site

I love the blue lace that I have accenting this page!

I thought these were cool! Not only do you have the side flaps to include photos or fun things from the wedding but I also included a removable mini book with graduating pages, tags and there are still the top pockets to use too!

Accordian style attached mini album & Bound mini albums for top pockets, I added accessories and you can see those in the above picture.
Cricut cut gold embossed tages with inked edges.. I inked the edge of every mini book in this album!  

Showing my favorite accessories! embossing powder, heat gun and VersaMark!
It can make ANY project pop!
I had a lot of fun...and frustration...working on this but it was so worth it!
I plan to make more!
Comment if you have one! ;)
Happy Scrappin!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

A little piece of HeART

Hello all! I am posting a cute little Thank You card that I made over the weekend!
I've never done anything with watercolor so I really wanted to try it!
I used my Blending Pen and Hollyhock stamp pad with the flower  stamp from the
"La Vie En Rose"- Workshop on the Go scrapbooking kit (page 51 in the idea book; # G1100). I also used the Clear Sparkles (page 141 # Z1752)
I really like how this turned out, even for my first time!
(JUST for a moment, I want to mention how awesome these Workshops on the Go are! Each one comes with the My Reflections paper pack and coordinating cardstock sheets, a D-sized stamp set, and a couple of different accessories (there are a couple of other accessories you can add too, if so desired!) 
Eventually I will learn how to shade it correctly, but I'll worry about one step at a time and staying inside the lines is #1! lol
I also used a sentiment from an older set because I thought it was perfect for my "Thanks for shopping" card.
However, there are tons of awesome options in the book!

I just love talking about what I love!
Please drop a comment or question if you have one! =)
Happy Scrappin!