Friday, August 28, 2015

Updated! Check out this Succulent!

This little guy was planted in June. I've been taking pictures of it to see how it grows and thought I would share those with you! It started out as a thin layer of leaves and has gotten so many more in just these short months! I was sad when the first stalk fell off but soo happy when I found the little buds of new growth shortly after! and those buds have changed a LOT in a week!!

This stalk got so heavy that it couldn't hold it up! My sister and I rested it on a rock so it wasn't laying on the ground ;)
The flowers got sooo bright pink and the yellow inside is awesome! I LOVE how pretty they are!
(pic taken 7/14/15)

                                A week after that stalk fell off these little sprouts showed up
                                                                 (pic from 8/16/15)!
Another angle of the sprouts ;)

It's been about 2 weeks since then and LOOK at these guys! They sprang right up! Their about 7" or taller! The tips of them are the coolest thing ever!
(pic taken 8/27)

                  Just look at how many little "petals" their are! I can't wait to see what happens next!
                                             ....and you can Bet, I'll be posting it here! ;)

                                                          Here's what happened next!
                                                                Pictures taken 9/8/15
                                        The coolest thing ever!! LOVE how they cascade downward!

It REALLY is amazing the way things change! I don't LOVE all kinds of change.. But flowers coming up in my garden are definitely a change that I encourage!

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