Thursday, August 13, 2015

Air Plants!?

I dont know how known Air Plants are..
I discovered them in a little tourist shop when my husband and I went up North..

I couldn't pick which one I liked best so we agreed that I just had to buy both!
They are pretty small, perfect for my desk at work!
Since then we've added more, my hubby is going to put together a pretty home for the new ones for me. =D

I have pictures showing the bottoms of the plants. That is what is the coolest thing about them! It is a "bulb" and there are no roots!
You only have to put them in a bowl of water once every week or 2 for an hour then try to gently fling the water from the bulb (or it will sit in there and rot the plant, Tragic!)  allow them to dry for a few hours then return them to their home (I lean them upside down while they dry to get everything out).
I don't know if I mentioned that I LOVE Plants!!!!???? ;)

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