Friday, July 31, 2015

Thank You cards for House Warming!

Hi Again!

SO, We moved into our house the end of Sept 2014 and it took us a little while to be ready to have people over, soooo many things to do!

Needless to say, we didn't get everything done but it looked a lot better then when we started! lol

We had our house warming in May.

I really wanted to express my thankfulness to our friends and family that made the effort to come see our new home, so I put a lot of thought, and stress, into these cards but they were soo worth it!

Let me tell you though.. I have had a Cricut for about 6 years now and in the time I was creating these cards (and the thank you's for my 2 boys' teachers;another 6 cards on top of the 15) not only 1 but 2 Cricut Expressions 2's broke! I REALLY wanted to try to "weld" my shapes together and the upgrade on the internet FRIED both of my machines! I actually bought a 2nd one thinking it was time, I've used the beans out of my 1st one.. Then when THAT did it too.. I about FLIPPED!
THANK GOD for good friends! I have several but 1 in particular never used her Expression 1 so she GAVE it to me.. ANDDDD that is how I FINALLY finished allllll of my thank yous!

I really like color.. and the way that it POPS off the stark white cards.. Fantastic!
Ink the edges....and I am IN LOVE!! lol

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