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Friday, July 24, 2015


My NEW favorite way to pass time!

I was never a grass lover before.. But let me tell you.. When you get a new house and you have more dirt then grass you become VERY happy to see the little sprouts break free!

I've successfully seeded 5 spots in our yard and it is coming along great!

I am stuck breaking ground by hand instead of using a machine, but that actually makes it even more exciting to me! Talk about seeing the progress!

I start with a large dirt area that only has weeds and rake them all out. By the time I am done the whole area looks like the richest soil I've ever seen! ...and I need a break! lol
...actually, you HAVE to take breaks, or your arms would fall off!! LOL
I don't care too much for the seed shown here, the plain seed worked much better, but I will be correcting that! =)

The patch of grass next to the seed in the top picture was seeded 2 weeks before the new seed was put down. REALLY wish it was the same.. Looks soooo Plush and fluffy!!
I LOVE fluffy grass!!! I want my WHOLE yard to feel like your walking on pillows!! LOL

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