Friday, July 31, 2015

Thank You cards for House Warming!

Hi Again!

SO, We moved into our house the end of Sept 2014 and it took us a little while to be ready to have people over, soooo many things to do!

Needless to say, we didn't get everything done but it looked a lot better then when we started! lol

We had our house warming in May.

I really wanted to express my thankfulness to our friends and family that made the effort to come see our new home, so I put a lot of thought, and stress, into these cards but they were soo worth it!

Let me tell you though.. I have had a Cricut for about 6 years now and in the time I was creating these cards (and the thank you's for my 2 boys' teachers;another 6 cards on top of the 15) not only 1 but 2 Cricut Expressions 2's broke! I REALLY wanted to try to "weld" my shapes together and the upgrade on the internet FRIED both of my machines! I actually bought a 2nd one thinking it was time, I've used the beans out of my 1st one.. Then when THAT did it too.. I about FLIPPED!
THANK GOD for good friends! I have several but 1 in particular never used her Expression 1 so she GAVE it to me.. ANDDDD that is how I FINALLY finished allllll of my thank yous!

I really like color.. and the way that it POPS off the stark white cards.. Fantastic!
Ink the edges....and I am IN LOVE!! lol

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Quilled (post) Wedding card!

Here is a card that I made for a wedding I couldn't attend out of state.
It isn't very flashy, but I just love the little stamped car! How perfect!
I put little quilled hearts to add some love to it, it IS a wedding card, after all! =)

I am rarely fully satisfied with my end product, it ALWAYS looks different in my head!! lol
...but this came close ;)

I wanted to get it in their mail box by the time they got home from their honeymoon, I succeeded too!

Friday, July 24, 2015


My NEW favorite way to pass time!

I was never a grass lover before.. But let me tell you.. When you get a new house and you have more dirt then grass you become VERY happy to see the little sprouts break free!

I've successfully seeded 5 spots in our yard and it is coming along great!

I am stuck breaking ground by hand instead of using a machine, but that actually makes it even more exciting to me! Talk about seeing the progress!

I start with a large dirt area that only has weeds and rake them all out. By the time I am done the whole area looks like the richest soil I've ever seen! ...and I need a break! lol
...actually, you HAVE to take breaks, or your arms would fall off!! LOL
I don't care too much for the seed shown here, the plain seed worked much better, but I will be correcting that! =)

The patch of grass next to the seed in the top picture was seeded 2 weeks before the new seed was put down. REALLY wish it was the same.. Looks soooo Plush and fluffy!!
I LOVE fluffy grass!!! I want my WHOLE yard to feel like your walking on pillows!! LOL

Quilling is soo Cool!

I recently started Quilling with paper strips!
It can get tricky with certain things but it is soo neat!!

I'm not quite done with this G but thought it was still cool enough to add, and update when it is completed. ;)

I have made a couple of cards with quilling on them, I will see if I can find the pics to post those too!

Long time no post!

Wow! Has it been a long time since I last posted!

I have been doing a bit here and there with cards for events and things. After all this time things have finally started to settle down. WHEW!
My husband and I were married April 2014 and we moved into our new home in Oct. 14'! With packing, unpacking, changing schools... and pretty much everything else about our lives, we are pretty much settled in. =)

We LOVE our new home! It is 1,000% better then the apartment!! DUH! lol

I am not, however, a consultant with Close to my Heart any longer. I do use a lot of their products, but I wont list those any more unless asked, then I would be happy to give all the details you'd like!

So! Without further ado, I'm going to jump right in and post everything that I can find from the gap! =)

Here are just a couple of recent cards that I have handy right now. Top is a wedding card (of course) and the sentiment in the middle is inside both cards.
The last card is a bridal shower card. I really thought the love, happiness, family stamps went well with the cards purposes!