Sunday, July 8, 2012


Hi everyone!

Don't you just hate it when your just going along and all of a sudden you realize that you have 30 minutes before church and you have a birthday party right afterward!?
That was my morning! Oh Boy! =)
Thankfully, my CTMH was close at hand and I was able to make up a cute little card on the fly!
It isn't exactly what I wanted to do for this particular (now 7yr old) girl, but it would just have to do! 
I FINALLY got to use my June SOTM! I just love the Birds and all that Tweet stuff is just adorable!  She really enjoyed the sayings, just as I thought she would! But more then that, I packed the card with a little cash for a guaranteed smile! (That's the trick! You can give kids ANYTHING as long as there's cash inside they are SOLD! LOL)
I used Hollyhock for the main bird, Plum Petal for the balloons, hat and sentiments and Lagoon for the lil bird. I also attached with 3D tape (I LOVE that stuff) so the birds would stand out!
It isn't much but I thought since I haven't gotten to use LAST months stamp yet at least I could post what I have been able to get done!
...Boy am I looking forward to July's SOTM! ..Hopefully I'll be able to post something with it before August! 

Thanks for checkin me out!
 Happy Scrappin!! =)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

FootPrints Challenge Studio J Layout

Hi all! I am posting a Studio J layout that I made.

There is a great challenge going on at Scrap Our Stash called -Stars and Strips- and also at  PauseDreamEnjoyChallenges 
                                        Ch# 26 (Week 26) FOOTPRINTS
                            Who or What has left Footprints on your  
                                                      Heart forever?

Although both of my boys have left very dear footprints on my heart, my youngest sons' heart surgery at the beginning of the year really stands out.
He really surprised me in every way. His surgery went perfect and his recovery went just as well! Within 6 days of surgery he was up and running around! I had no idea this strong little boy was capable of such a miracle! Thank You Lord! 
I hadn't thought about it like this until I seen the challenge I mentioned above but the footprints left by the miracle of life are firmly placed in my heart. 

I thought the layout that I made after his recovery really fit with my "footprints". (Sorry for the glare!)

Thanks for checkin me out! =)
Happy Scrappin!!