Thursday, September 13, 2012

Updated** My Boy's 4th B-Day Party (2012)!

The center pic above was the Last one of the day, you can totally see his exhaustion! lol - The pic to the -left and down a little- of that was the First pic of the day. haha
Hi Everyone!

I thought I would update this post.. I was quite new to blogging when I posted it in 2012 and didn't include many of the details. Now, these years later (almost 2017) I realize that I would like to remember as much as I can from this event and others! I hope you enjoy my additions. :)

So I FINALLY got the nerve to work on my 4 year olds birthday layout (Remember, this post is from Sept. 2012;) He is now 8 years old! haha)!
I have had these pictures for awhile now and have been worried that it wouldn't be what I had pictured in my head..

I have never planned a party before this. Ok, a small birthday party with a bit of family was about as close as I'd ever gotten. I was nervous but at the same time- READY and eager to tackle something so EASY compared to the surgery that we were preparing for..

My little guy had major heart surgery on January 12th (2012).
We found out that he had a heart murmur due to missing almost an entire wall on the right side of his heart. We actually found out because my 7 year old had accidentally tripped me while holding Calvin going into the grocery store. At the subsequent ER visit, from smashing his head on the ground, the Doctor kind of laughs, "Oh, did you know he has a murmur"? ummm What!?.. Thank God the head bump was nothing major but we now had something much bigger than a bump on the head, to deal with!

We played the "wait and see" for about a year.. (I guess) it was *possible for his heart to try to repair itself. Except that in my little guys case the whole wall was almost nonexistent.. That's a pretty big repair job.. for such a little body!!
We heard about the 2 options that were 'maybe' possible and had to make the hardest decision of my life.. Do we try for that almost (too good to be true) noninvasive "fix" or do we fix it like we mean it and never want to have to deal with it- ever again!? This felt so weird to me.. As I was making these decisions I was imagining saving my future son, when he has a family, a job and a LIFE, from having to go through MAJOR heart surgery.. He would NOT have bounced back nearly as quickly, if it were found later in his life..
(I was also newly divorced from his dad.. so I had to convince him that my reasoning was sound, too. The whole thing was very difficult to take. Especially when I really didn't WANT my baby to go under the knife!! - all of a sudden I had to Sell it...)

The noninvasive option ended up not being an option after all, because of the fact that it wasn't a hole, more of a missing wall.. I had already decided that the idea of having something plastic inside my baby's heart that (I wasn't convinced) couldn't just move, if jarred hard enough, wasn't the way I wanted to go.
However.. That meant that They would have to go the whole 9 yards and stop my baby's heart and have a machine breath for him.. I thought I would die having to make that decision.
They would use a piece of the outside of his heart to repair the wall, it heels right in place as if it was never missing at all. -That sounds like the kind of fix that lasts a lifetime!! This Post Shows a Peek into That Hospital Visit and the FIRST Thing he did When he got Home. (The 2nd day in the hospital all he wanted to do was play a video game with his big brother, sniff sniff..) Needless to say he was spoiled like crazy while going through all of this, haha. (He liked my soft blanket better than the hospitals and I totally gave it up without even a thought. lol)
 Our friends and family made a huge difference for us in making things as easy as possible. <3

So in the YEAR beforehand that I was stressing waiting and worrying I decided that I HAD to preoccupy myself with something (and it would have to be pretty big too..) or I would go absolutely insane..
His birthday is St. Patrick's Day (March 17th, and we are part Irish, so I totally LOVE that!! - Until he turns 21...eeeek!!).. Given that his surgery was almost exactly 2 months before that, I thought it would be the perfect time to celebrate (and Big)!

Thus was born- Cal's Back and He's 4!!
That's what I put on the invites and literally what I called it every time I could. I just loved it (and still do..haha)! lol

He had about 30 guests, a pinata, crafts, and Friends - That makes for one happy kid! Plus the theme- of course- was green, so whoever wore the MOST green won a BIG candy bar. lol

If you can even believe this..- This miracle boy was in the hospital for 4 days and he was up and running (Literally!!) by day 6.. It was CRA-ZY!!
You could not even tell that he had just undergone a major heart surgery! He didn't want any pain reliever, I had to "force" him the first night home. The second day, he said no thanks.. I couldn't believe it.

*Update- Even if this was the hardest thing I have ever had to do- to date- the memories that surround it are so precious to me, I never want to forget. =)

So, now that I have filled in a LOT of blanks I can move onto the Layouts that I made back in 2012. I still love scrapbooking but sewing and quilting has kind of pushed it out of mind for now.. haha

I LOVE how the first page turned out but the second still needs some work to be what I want it to be.. I'll repost that once I get it straight!
*Update- Except that I still haven't tried to fill in the 2nd page...yet..Dang

My little guy was born on St. Patty's day and he happens to LOVE the color green! He also happens to be the luckiest kid around, so we played it up to the fullest!

I used Pear and Topiary card stock, figuring that the shamrocks would be enough activity without adding additional patterned papers.. 

I hope you like it and my update!
Please feel free to comment if you have any at all! =)

Happy Scrappin'! =)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Back to School with some Teacher Love!

I am sorry that I have been such a bad blogger! 
This summer really flew right by, unbelievable! I will be allowing time for some projects that I can post so hopefully I can keep it flowing and post on a regular basis!!

So anyway! I decided that I wanted to butter our teachers up a little bit at the beginning of the year, can't hurt, right?! =) ...and who doesn't LOVE mints!! 

The 1st one is for my little guy's Pre-School teacher. I used Typeset B&T, thinking the lettering was perfect for his age! I tried to brighten it up because it is a darker paper so I kept with my Crayola theme with the bright colored stamps. I stamped the images that I wanted on colonial paper and cut them all out. Some I applied with my CTMH Bonding Memories glue and some I used my FAVORITE, 3D tape. If you can see the shadow it's 3D, did I mention I LOVE that?! LOL

The 2nd one is for my 3rd graders teacher, boy does SHE need buttering up!! My son's 2nd grade teacher went to First grade this
For his teacher I thought that the bold colors on the colonial paper would really pop, and, it Does! =)

I LOVE how they both turned out, and I had NOOOO idea what I was going to do when I started..Not too 

I hope you enjoy!

I LOVE comments and questions, please, feel free! =)

Have a WONDERFUL first week of school!

Sunday, July 8, 2012


Hi everyone!

Don't you just hate it when your just going along and all of a sudden you realize that you have 30 minutes before church and you have a birthday party right afterward!?
That was my morning! Oh Boy! =)
Thankfully, my CTMH was close at hand and I was able to make up a cute little card on the fly!
It isn't exactly what I wanted to do for this particular (now 7yr old) girl, but it would just have to do! 
I FINALLY got to use my June SOTM! I just love the Birds and all that Tweet stuff is just adorable!  She really enjoyed the sayings, just as I thought she would! But more then that, I packed the card with a little cash for a guaranteed smile! (That's the trick! You can give kids ANYTHING as long as there's cash inside they are SOLD! LOL)
I used Hollyhock for the main bird, Plum Petal for the balloons, hat and sentiments and Lagoon for the lil bird. I also attached with 3D tape (I LOVE that stuff) so the birds would stand out!
It isn't much but I thought since I haven't gotten to use LAST months stamp yet at least I could post what I have been able to get done!
...Boy am I looking forward to July's SOTM! ..Hopefully I'll be able to post something with it before August! 

Thanks for checkin me out!
 Happy Scrappin!! =)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

FootPrints Challenge Studio J Layout

Hi all! I am posting a Studio J layout that I made.

There is a great challenge going on at Scrap Our Stash called -Stars and Strips- and also at  PauseDreamEnjoyChallenges 
                                        Ch# 26 (Week 26) FOOTPRINTS
                            Who or What has left Footprints on your  
                                                      Heart forever?

Although both of my boys have left very dear footprints on my heart, my youngest sons' heart surgery at the beginning of the year really stands out.
He really surprised me in every way. His surgery went perfect and his recovery went just as well! Within 6 days of surgery he was up and running around! I had no idea this strong little boy was capable of such a miracle! Thank You Lord! 
I hadn't thought about it like this until I seen the challenge I mentioned above but the footprints left by the miracle of life are firmly placed in my heart. 

I thought the layout that I made after his recovery really fit with my "footprints". (Sorry for the glare!)

Thanks for checkin me out! =)
Happy Scrappin!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Big Project -Revealed!

Hi Everyone! =)

I had an idea to try making a banner for the up coming holiday on Thursday of last week. I put all sorts on thought into it and even tried drawing it out a bit to see how I wanted it to look.
I've never made anything like this before so I was pretty nervous about how it would turn out.. 

I cut everything with my CTMH Cricut Art Philosophy cartridge, using summer red and blue and White Daisy card stock. I also used some SuperHero B&T paper, I just love that paper, blue with stars on one side and the strips on the other, perfect fit.=)
I cut my banner pieces at 6", lettering at 2 1/4" and my stars at 3". 

I used ink and daubers, mini crystals, stamps from several sets (Sorry, I didn't think to jot down the names of the stamps, if you would like that please let me know =) I used Cornflower blue, Holiday Red and White Daisy ink pads. I also embossed several things to make them pop (the #4 Banner is embossed with the Eagle and phrase "Brave and True" I added the stars to it)! You KNOW how I like to POP! =)
To connect them I simply used yarn and knotted each piece together.

I think it turned out great! WAY better then the one in my head! 
Which one(s) do YOU like best?! My Fav's are the one with the letter J and #4 on them! =)

I hope you like it and Thanks for checkin' me out! =) 
I've entered this in (I hope I get them all..) I Linked it up! , Heart To Heart Challenge!paperplaytimeThe Craft SpotPause Dream EnjoySimply Create TooScrap Our Stash

Please contact me if you have any questions about anything at all! 
You can check out my CTMH site at

I hope your having a wonderful summer! =)
Happy Scrappin! =)

Monday, June 25, 2012

Big Project...

Hi Everyone!

I have been working on a new project for a little bit and thought I would share a bit of a teaser. =)

It is the FIRST time I've made anything like this and I am SOO excited to see how it turns out! 

WHAT do you think I could be making to include the neat little stars above?!

I will be sure to post as soon as I'm finished, I need it by Saturday so you KNOW it'll be done before that! 
Knowing me as well as I do.. I have to admit that it probably Could be done very soon, but I'll have to nit pick it to death before I am happy. lol

Thanks for checking me out and check back soon for the finished project!

Happy Scrappin! =)

Monday, June 18, 2012

Dad's Day Card!

Of course, there were 2 Big events this past weekend!
Father's Day!

I seen a few Very cute "tool belt" cards and I wanted to do something similar. Of course I had lent out my "Boys will be Boys" cartridge, so I didn't have my super cute hammer and screw driver but I made do, they don't look great, but I think they are pretty good, since I am no where NEAR as talented at cutting as my Cricut is! lol

I used Craft paper for the card and the CTMH Art Philosophy cartridge. I used Grey Dotty for You paper from last month to make my sentiment pop (and I got that sentiment from my "Cricut Calender") and I inked the edges to make it look a little more real..

You don't know this but my parents recently built a deck and my mom is recovering from a nasty fall, so on the inside of the card I went for a bit of funny and said that if only he would quit throwing mom off the deck MAYbe he could Enjoy it! 

Thank you for checkin' me out! =)

Happy Scrappin! =)

Con-GRAD-ulations Card!

Hi All! =)
It seems like it took forever for me to buy some time to get somethings done at my Scrap Table!
I had an Open House this weekend for my niece. We are all SO proud of her and all of her hard work!
I wanted to do something kind of fanciful but that also gave off serious and sophisticated. You know.. ALLA that wrapped into one very cute little get it.. =)

I decided with doing the sentiment and the bird that I wouldn't need to use a pattern paper. I opted to use the pink from the Summer packet but decided that I needed the black so the sentiment would jump off the card, I then used plum purple paper for the pretty swirly. I cut everything on my Cricut Expressions, I got the Card from Close to my Heart- Art Philosophy cartridge and the phrase from 3 Birds-Straight from the Nest cartridge. I used the same bird stamp that I used last month but in a totally different context, I think it works both ways, in sympathy and in well wishing. I used some mini gems in the corners and also behind the bird which is embossed in Silver.
I think this turned out great! Not what I had in mind but I like where it ended up!!

I hope you like my card! As always Thank you for stopping by, 
Comments and questions are welcome!

If you would like to create this design check out my website for the products!

Monday, May 21, 2012

A little something for a Friend..

Hi all! I am back tonight to share a little something that I made for a good friend. Sorry my pictures aren't that great.. I was in a rush to take them before I seen her today.
 Her father passed away a couple of days ago and since I was there my self about 7 years ago, I really wanted to make her something that she could look at when ever she wanted to. She posted this Great pic of herself with both her parents and I just Knew that I had to use it!

First things first! 
The card I made from the Dotty for You paper pack. The bird is a stamp from the Blessed set. I first inked it in white and then thought I would emboss in silver to really make it shimmer (there is also a long stemmed flower with heart leafs that I've stamped in Grey Flannel on the left just to give it a little something extra.) I used my Art Philosophy cartridge to cut the card and the layer (You can see that at the card fold the paper doesn't match..I put little flower stamps there but it still just isn't right..) and the pile of hearts starting at 1" down to 1/4". On the inside I wrote a little something about her fathers soul taking flight and on the other side a comment "sending piles of love"..

Now the layout! 
I know it looks pretty busy, I used almost half of the Dotty for You patterns, I think.. I was worried about that but I really wanted to put off bright colors and even sort of make it fun.. I have never made a condolences card before and certainly not a layout! But she is a dear friend and I really hope that it helps her through this very hard time.
I made a pretty flowery border from the Art Philosophy cartridge. I cut flowers from one of the Dotty papers but left the cluster in the lower right corner. At the top is a stamp "The Love of Family is the Greatest Blessing" from the Family Love set.

I hope you enjoyed your visit! You can check out more information on my site or you can drop me a line! =)

Thanks for droppin by and Happy Scrappin! 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Card for my Sister! =)

Hi again all! I am back with another card that I made! 
We spent the day with my sister and her family and I thought, since she is a mom too, I would surprise her! 
So the top picture is the front of the card. Thank you again to Gloria Rogers from for teaching me how to make the beautiful flower that is once again dominating the cover of this card.
I am really proud of this card. Like the last post this is a little different.. I feel like I filled the space in a good way and not too much. and it has a lot of interest..At least I am interested in it. haha
Most everything shown is cut from the Cricut, Close to my Heart Art Philosophy cartridge. (The only thing that isn't is the envelope. I just think it was so bright and cheery! ) I used Dotty for You paper pack.
I used Hollyhock on this flower as well. The edges of the card are inked with Pansy Purple because I thought it would really make it pop! You can be the judge of that! I used Pansy Purple, Hollyhock, Lagoon and sunshine yellow and my sponge to color up my butterflies. I used pink polka dot  Dotty for You paper in the cutouts to give it a different background,  I stamped "fluttering by to say" along the bottom from the "A Tree" set in Pansy Purple ink and the pretty vine of hearts from "Card Chatter-Love" set, in Blush ink.
The inside of the card is stamped "I love You" from the "Card Chatter -Love" in Blush and the saying is from the "Heartfelt Treasures" in Pansy Purple.

I hope you all enjoy! And comments are appreciated!
If you like the look of my art works here you should totally check out my site!
I am NOT very creative, These products really do bring that out!

Check back soon! I'm going to get some of my Favorite Studio J projects on line for you all to see how amazing that program is! 
Thanks for checkin me out!
Happy Scrappin!!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mothers Day card!

Hi Everyone! 
Boy have I been busy lately! With teacher appreciation day and now Mothers day I'm posting all over the place! but not nearly as much as I want to!

First of all, I HAVE to THANK Gloria Rogers from for her YouTube video showing how to make and perfectly shade the beautiful flower that you see in the lower right corner! You can watch Her YouTube video here.  So you probably notice a bit of a trend on my blog thus far.. I admit, I like to get comfy with something before I can think "outside the box" I am pretty new to all of this but I LOVE working with the products to learn how to use them! It is a bit daunting.. I tried to do something a bit different and I ran into Gloria Rogers video and HAD to try it! I was amazed that even the First flower that I made turned out beautifully! ..and I was getting worried there for a minute, too! These flowers are surprisingly easy! 
So, ANYWAY.. I made this card using the Close to my Heart Cricut Art Philosophy cartridge. I cut the card, background, MOM lettering, and the flowers! The flowers were cut at about 3", 2.5",1.75" I used Hollyhock ink and my trusty sponge, then I centered it with a bigger gem (The biggest I had..I plan on fixing THAT! ) 
I used Lucy paper for my border (If your not familiar with our paper packs or Workshops' on the Go you should check this out!), on top of Grey Dotty for You polka dot paper ( Of course all products are Close to my Heart unless mentioned.) MOM is cut at 2" from the grey Dotty polka dot paper as well, except that I lightly inked the letters to give them a pink tint :)
I decided that a little something extra would look nice and I really like the scroll look of this one on the bottom left from the set called "The Best Things" in Blush ink, so it wasn't quite as bright =). Then to bring out the bright colors I decided to edge the card with a Hollyhock ink pad and sponge. On the inside I used the above mentioned stamp set and inked the phrase "The Best things in Life aren't Things"..
I just love this flower and I plan on finding more ways to use it in the future! Thank you again Gloria Rogers! 
Check back soon for another post.. It is ALmost ready!! =)
Happy Scrappin!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Dotty Envelope

Hi again!!
So I decided to go ahead and show you the really cute Dotty envelope that I made using my Tags Bags and Boxes 2 cartridge. There are all sorts of different boxes and things and I ran across the best one for the cards that I've made for our teachers! It doesn't squish my butterflies, either! =)
 That's all for tonight..I think.. =)

Happy Scrappin!

2nd Teacher Appreciation Card

Hi Everyone! I have been very happy to be able to make time this weekend to get some scrappin done!
My wonderful sister came over today and we started a mini-album that will eventually make it's way here but it is a long way from that!

Today I am posting the Teacher Appreciation Card that I made for me 4 year old's teacher. After he insisted.. lol

I used the same flower card cut from the Close to my Heart Cricut Cartridge that I used for my card from the other day. This time however I used the Pink and Yellow polka dot from the Dotty for You paper packet. I used the 4mm Sparkles in the circles around and used Hollyhock ink and dauber around very outside edge. The butterflies this time are hand cut out of the  butterfly paper from the Dotty for you Paperpack.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Flower Butterfly Card made with Dotty for You!

Hey everyone! It took me a bit longer then I'd hoped to get down to business but I got this card done tonight!
Teacher Appreciation is next week and now that I have discovered my passion for paper crafting I decided to make a card for my 2nd graders awesome teacher!

     I made this card from Dotty for You!  Orange back and yellow polka dot for the overlay (by Close to my Heart, of course!)  I used different papers out of the Dotty for You paper packet for the butterflies. I used 4mm Sparkles in the center of the butterflies and in the circles around the outer edge. I also used the Goldrush  ink pad and a dabber on the very edges.
Did I mention that I Cut the card, the flower shadow and flower overlay at 5.5" AND the butterflies at 1" from my Art Philosophy cartridge by Cricut & Close to my Heart!?
I have so much fun using my Cricut that it hardly seems like work to make something for someone else.. In fact..If I'm completely honest..I like to show it off a little bit.. =)

The Dotty for You paper packet, created specifically for National Scrapbooking Month in May, includes 24 specially designed, coordinating B&T Duos® sheets (2 each of 12 patterns) and an artwork idea insert. It has a retail value of $19.95 but can be yours for just $5 when you purchase $35 or more in products from the Spring/Summer 2012 Idea Book. You can also get one free when you host a qualifying Gathering or sign up as a new Consultant!

If you would like more details on the Dotty for you paper pack you can click the link directly above, see my website or contact me!

Happy Scrappin!!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fluttering by to say..Cards =)

 I made this card using the "Dottie 4 You" Paper Pack from Close to my Heart! I simply cut about an inch off of the paper and continued to cut the butterflies out of that. I then bent the wings a bit so it would look like they were flying. I stamped the large butterfly from "Card Word Puzzle" and the small one from the "A Tree" stamp set in "Blush".  Bottom right corner says "Fluttering by to say" (I left the Hi! off) and inside I stamped  "Happy Birthday!" in "Blush" and "Lagoon".  
I made this card using the "A Tree" stamp set from Close to my Heart. I stamped the tree trunk in "Desert Sand" right onto the card then stamped the leaves in "Topiary" on a separate piece of paper and cut it out. I then used 3D tape to make it pop off the page!
Lower left corner says "Fluttering by to say" (I left off the Hi!) the inside is stamped from "Card Word Puzzle". "Thank you for All you do!"

These were the first cards that I've ever made. They were super easy and really cute!

If you would like to check out our Awesome products or to become a consultant so you can get PAID to do what you love, Like Me, My web site is
Or you can contact me!

Thanks for looking and Happy Scrappin'!

CTMH- Girl's Birthday Card!

I made this card for my friends' soon to be 4yr old little girl.
She just LOVEs purple and pink! I found the cutest little horse in a purse for her gift and thought it would be super cute to make a matching card for her!
*I used my new Cricut Expressions 2 with CTMH (Close to my Heart) Art Philosophy cartridge to cut the card and the background (cut at 6.5"), background paper is grey Dotty 4 You. The horse I cut (at 7") with my Cricut from Noah's ABC Animals using purple cardstock and "Lucy" paper for shadow(mane and tail) and also on the #4. I also used the "Hooray Bouquet" stamped on plain cardstock with Pansy Purple and Hollyhock, which I then cut out and stacked on top of each other to give them a dimensional look and put them in the bottom corner.
I lightly attached the horse so Miss Erin would be able to play with that, too!!

I had a lot of fun making this card! It is so awesome to see something in your mind and be able to put it on paper!
I will be sure to add more when I make them!

Comments are appreciated. =)

Happy Scrappin'!! =)