Monday, March 30, 2020

Here, In Michigan.... Helpful Covid-19 Information For Complex Needs

Hello friends!
I truly hope this finds you all doing well in these difficult circumstances..

I wanted to do a shout out to tell you all to be safe and try to hold on to your sanity in the coming months.

It won't be easy.. 
Our society isn't built to keep distance.
We are social creatures and it feels very wrong, turning into a hermit and staying home- ALL the time. 

We are very concerned for the immune compromised people in our family (Axel, his grandparents and myself, included) and I know we are not alone.

Also, we live in Michigan, near Detroit.
Which is now considered a "Hotspot" for the Coronavirus.

Monday the state again confirmed more than a thousand new cases - 1,012 to be exact (in 1 day!) - and 52 new deaths making the total 6,498 cases and 184 deaths, in Michigan.
Our county is directly above the BLACK (Detroit) area, on the map above..
To say we are worried, is a big understatement.

Since Axel has such a complex medical history, I've began researching to see what could help us prepare better for the coming weeks, under quarantine.

I ran into a list of great ideas at ComplexChild-Covid Prep and took a few of them to heart. also has other information that could be helpful.

Firstly, we don't have any kind of emergency plan in place.

Secondly, aside from his compromised grandparents, no one else knows how to take care of his needs.

So my first plan of action is to write out Axel's day - and Everything there is to know about our little sweetness. He isn't too hard to care for, but a few of his needs are hard for someone to do if they aren't familiar. Like changing his feeding tube button, or dealing with his colostomy..

Having a plan in place is always a good idea but at this moment, it is almost the most important thing. 
I am nearly breaking out in hives, thinking what would happen if both myself and my husband needed to be in the hospital.
So I have some homework to do and some calls to make to get a good plan in place for that JUST in case scenario...

I can't even imagine if we couldn't care for him and then he needed to go to the hospital, we would have no way of knowing anything that were going on and no way to be in contact with him.
He is only 2.5.. With all of his special needs and deafness, I am past terrified of the possibilities..

ALLLLL Of that to say....
If you are like me and haven't been planning for the worst, I think that it's time to start- JUST in case....

Sometimes it takes a really scary situation for us to realize what we haven't quite gotten around to..

Let's get our plans in place on this end and pray hard that they won't be needed.

I've only included a couple of links to a single site, but this is the time to remember that Google is our friend. 
Search for whatever you think might help you prepare your family for what is sure to be a very difficult and trying time, ahead.
If you aren't sure what those things might be, or where to even start the searching process, try Googling the thought you have, or the condition you are concerned for, that could be a great starting point!

Stay safe everyone.
God Bless